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French Tarte Tatin With A British Twist

As Paul says it so well, travelling is all about opening your mind and taste buds to other cultures and foods. Discovering new things, getting out of your comfort zone, that’s what makes a traveller happy. Well, living abroad is a little like travelling, but every day of your life. You eat food you might have never heard of before, cab drivers call you “honey” even if they don’t know you, it can take you one hour to explain your bathroom floods problems to your landlord because you don’t know any of the plumber/bathroom specific vocabulary…. As an expat, you’d...

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Juicy Fruit and Veg Tips For Summer

Oranges ‘The State Fruit of Florida’ – Photo by Driek Hey guys, seeing as the weather has finally turned we are all eating more cool, fresh, summer foods so here are some tips on picking the freshest produce when you go to your supermarket. Remember to look out for four main things when selecting your fresh food; Colour, Weight, Firmness and Fragrance. If the fruit or veg is nice and bright it’s fresh. Produce that is dull or has a whitish sheen is usually old or not as fresh. Top Tip: Pick cherries with green stems, it means they’re...

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A Sweet Taste Of Italy – Torta Barozzi

Travelling the world is a great way to explore new places, learn about the culture or be amazed by the architecture. But what is a treat to me when I travel is to discover local dishes and of course delicious desserts. I would like to introduce to you Carmelita Caruana (@cookitaly) a very dear friend of mine. She’s a great cook and always inspires me to try something new with her wonderful recipes and food photography which you can find on (Make sure whenever you’re visiting Bologna to stop by and take one of her cooking classes!) I...

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