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The Food of Love: Chocolate, Amaretto and Cherry Cake

The very look of this cake is enough to bring any man to his knees and to ask for your hand in marriage. It is the thing that love is made from. Delicious chocolate cherry cake mixed with Amaretto and filled full of cherry conserve and fresh whipped cream. Don’t forget to present on your best china. You will need: 2 round 7″ sandwich tins 6oz self raising flour 6oz margarine 6oz caster sugar 3 eggs 5oz glace cherries 2 tbsp chocolate powder Amaretto liquor For the filling and topping:  Half a pint of double cream Cherry Conserve Fresh Cherries Chocolate ganache...

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Torta ta L-Irkotta (Maltese Ricotta Pie)

There are a number of delicious pies in Maltese home cooking: meat pies, fish pies, vegetable pies, rice and pumpkin pies. But perhaps the one most frequently cooked and eaten is the much loved Ricotta Pie, or Torta ta L-Irkotta. Every family has its own version. Actually in my family there were several variations on the ricotta pie. I loved it all ways but my absolute favourite was the spring one with fresh broad beans in it. Broad beans (fava beans) are forever evocative of the end of winter for me, they herald the arrival of new life, new...

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Poached Chicken Laksa

The nights are getting colder here in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Australia. It’s time to light the wood fired stove and prepare slow cooked meals. This hearty and spicy soup awakens the taste buds and fills you with the goodness of chicken breast poached in coconut water. Coconuts are a prized source of food in many cultures, and this laksa brings coconut milk to life with the addition of spicy paste. Chicken breast fillet, slowly poached in coconut water then pulled into bite sized pieces become the protein hero in this soup. Bean thread noodles are a good...

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Cocoa and blueberry soda bread muffins

Topped with toasted almonds, this muffin provides a moisture burst of blueberries encased in a light cocoa and vanilla bean soda bread. Managing high cholesterol doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy occasional home made sweet treats, provided I avoid saturated fats. A 30 minute morning walk enjoying the quiet natural surrounds provides an extra boost to my daily health. This soda bread muffin is made using fat free strained greek style yoghurt and the goodness of extra virgin olive oil, with the addition of fresh local free range eggs. It looks even better lightly dusted with icing sugar and served...

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Spiced pork fillet with corn couscous and beans

This marinated pork fillet is tender and juicy, the corn couscous is enhanced with additional dried fruit and toasted nuts, and the steamed beans tied with chives balance the intense spices in the sauce. Managing my high cholesterol doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy herbs and spices, lean proteins, garden fresh vegetables and discover new low GI carbs that add texture to a meal. We are living in the country, in the southern highlands of NSW Australia, 2 hours from Sydney. This allows my partner and I to dig a simple herb garden and grow a few seasonal vegetables. Each...

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Kendal Food Festival – Celebrating the Taste of Cumbria

The weekend was a day of great surprises. I was on a visit to Kendal, Cumbria. I didn’t really have a plan but when I got there I discovered the Kendal Food Festival was on. I only had an hour or so to spare so I spent it wandering up and down the fantastic food stalls lined out down the High Street. Butchers, bakers, spiced oils, cheeses, even a Cumbria vodka producer. Plenty of great local food from across the county. The main image atop this post is of John the Baguette and his wife. They bake an amazing...

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