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Sweet Treats For The Hikes Ahead

Two of my passions, hiking and sweet food. A friend of mine has a love of both so I thought it would be nice to let her share here some of the sweet delights of her pre hike baking. Take it away Sheena! From the desk of Sheena Findlay My name is Sheena, I travel the World for my job, so when I’m at home I love to walk, bake, socialise and generally keep myself fit by doing Pilates and Yoga. I took up walking on a fairly major scale last year. I joined a local walking club and...

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Food Tips To Warm The Winter Days

Photo by Charles Haynes So with Winter firmly on it’s way my food mood has certainly changed from fresh seasonal summer fruits and salads to core-warming, hearty, satiating Winter favourites. I am a big lover of soups, I think they are a tasty, nutritious and economical way to fill-up and warm-up during winter and all year round. In fact, when I was cheffing for a private mountain chalet in the French Alps last summer, my soups were what I received the most compliments on from the exhausted climbers who had just summited the Mont Blanc. I find that soups...

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Vegetable Tips – Waste Not Want A Lot

Photo by Dinner Series So, following on from last week’s installment here are some preparation tips for all those fresh veggies you’ve been out buying. Number One for me is to make sure you have good equipment, and this can be as simple as having a sharp knife. Chopping vegetables can be a lot more labour intensive when one has to hack away at an onion or potato due to having a dull knife! A good cost saving and environmentally friendly tip is to save all scraps and peels for your compost heap. I know a lot of people...

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A California Farmers’ Market Summer Berry Tart

Hungry? I was after reading the tweets and blog posts from Jodi (@GarlicGirlBlog). I love finding new foods and I love finding home made recipes from around the world. Even places I have not yet been to. Jodi kindly went on a mission to show us a local dish with great pics and recipe, now this wets the appetite to travel. Next time I fly to Los Angeles I will most certainly seek out one of these gorgeous Summer Berry Tarts. Take a look……… From The desk, camera and thought of Jodi (Garlic Girl) Back in spring I had a...

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French Tarte Tatin With A British Twist

As Paul says it so well, travelling is all about opening your mind and taste buds to other cultures and foods. Discovering new things, getting out of your comfort zone, that’s what makes a traveller happy. Well, living abroad is a little like travelling, but every day of your life. You eat food you might have never heard of before, cab drivers call you “honey” even if they don’t know you, it can take you one hour to explain your bathroom floods problems to your landlord because you don’t know any of the plumber/bathroom specific vocabulary…. As an expat, you’d...

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Juicy Fruit and Veg Tips For Summer

Oranges ‘The State Fruit of Florida’ – Photo by Driek Hey guys, seeing as the weather has finally turned we are all eating more cool, fresh, summer foods so here are some tips on picking the freshest produce when you go to your supermarket. Remember to look out for four main things when selecting your fresh food; Colour, Weight, Firmness and Fragrance. If the fruit or veg is nice and bright it’s fresh. Produce that is dull or has a whitish sheen is usually old or not as fresh. Top Tip: Pick cherries with green stems, it means they’re...

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