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Cocoa and blueberry soda bread muffins

Topped with toasted almonds, this muffin provides a moisture burst of blueberries encased in a light cocoa and vanilla bean soda bread. Managing high cholesterol doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy occasional home made sweet treats, provided I avoid saturated fats. A 30 minute morning walk enjoying the quiet natural surrounds provides an extra boost to my daily health. This soda bread muffin is made using fat free strained greek style yoghurt and the goodness of extra virgin olive oil, with the addition of fresh local free range eggs. It looks even better lightly dusted with icing sugar and served...

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Spiced pork fillet with corn couscous and beans

This marinated pork fillet is tender and juicy, the corn couscous is enhanced with additional dried fruit and toasted nuts, and the steamed beans tied with chives balance the intense spices in the sauce. Managing my high cholesterol doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy herbs and spices, lean proteins, garden fresh vegetables and discover new low GI carbs that add texture to a meal. We are living in the country, in the southern highlands of NSW Australia, 2 hours from Sydney. This allows my partner and I to dig a simple herb garden and grow a few seasonal vegetables. Each...

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Kendal Food Festival – Celebrating the Taste of Cumbria

The weekend was a day of great surprises. I was on a visit to Kendal, Cumbria. I didn’t really have a plan but when I got there I discovered the Kendal Food Festival was on. I only had an hour or so to spare so I spent it wandering up and down the fantastic food stalls lined out down the High Street. Butchers, bakers, spiced oils, cheeses, even a Cumbria vodka producer. Plenty of great local food from across the county. The main image atop this post is of John the Baguette and his wife. They bake an amazing...

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Wensleydale Creamery – For the love of cheese!

Cheese! I love my cheese indeed. And I do have a favourite, Wensleydale. Like I have stated previously my family tree comes to Yorkshire valley of Wensleydale in rather a large way and as children, my brother and I would be brought here in the area visiting old relatives. Maybe that is when I picked up the real taste for the local cheese? Nibbles given as a child. Of course, as many of you may know, it is not just a favourite of mine but also of Wallace, the cheese connoisseur himself  from the Wallace and Gromit animations. I was...

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Sally’s creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

I am not one to resist eating a piece of delicious cake, and I happened upon the wonderful creative cakes of Sally Laker. incredibly creative cakes actually! I was pondering… How long do those take to make? How much patience do you need? How would someone dare someone put a knife into it even if delicious? Well, I asked this and more to Sally herself. From the desk of Sally….. My name is Sally and I run a cake company called Sally4Cakes based in Whitstable, Kent. I am the lady next door who is always covered in icing sugar. The...

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The food and cuisine of Azerbaijan

As far as travelling with food in mind, Azerbaijan cuisine is up there in the top of my list of favourites. Each visit I always look forward to some traditional favourites as well as seeking out some delicious new dish I haven’t tried yet. With Azerbaijan having 9 of the 11 world climate zones you can imagine this has led to variety, colour and flavour. A country where the greens are a very flavoursome joy to eat on their own, or the meat dishes that get my mouth watering every time. Some Azeri dishes have spread around the world...

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