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Food and Drink On A Durham City Break

Food and drink I feel is an important part of any City Break! During a recent City break in Durham I took the opportunity to try a couple of the many independent eateries of the City. I went for variety and to my tastes and was not let down at all. I can honestly say from my time there that there is a choice for everyone to enjoy a wonderful meal with superb Durham settings. My first tip will be Zen. And before you walk in the door you get a real sense of the modern, fresh design of...

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Apricot and Almond Tray Bake

Our local market is brimming with a range of dried fruit and nuts right now. The almond meal looks so fresh, and the dried apricots are plump and brightly coloured. I’m inspired to create a tray bake, made more decadent with a generous topping of dark chocolate ganache, scattered with toasted flaked almonds.  Ingredients (Makes 8 – 10 squares)  For the apricots:  12 dried apricots, each sliced into several lengths  1 tbs brandy  ½ cup boiling water  Pinch bicarb of soda  For the batter:  2/3 cup plain unsweetened Greek-style yoghurt  2 large free range eggs  ¼ cup soft brown sugar  ½ cup caster sugar  1/8 tsp...

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Cool Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

A great looking cake – a rich chocolate chip cake with minty green icing – it’s cool and fresh and great for birthday treats or a great showstopper pudding. You will need: 1 x 7″ round Cake Tin- greased and lined 2  x Disposable icing bags Ingredients for the cake: 8 oz Self Raising Flour 2 oz Plain Flour 8 oz Caster Sugar 8 oz Marg/Butter 4 Eggs 1 Tbsp cocoa powder 200g Chocolate chips Ingredients for the decoration: 300g Chocolate for melting 250g Icing Sugar 125g Butter 1 Tsp Mint Essence 2 x Tbsp Crushed Chocolate Light Green...

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Scrumptious Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake

What could be more perfect for the colder Autumn and Winter evenings than a spicy apple and cinnamon loaf cake. Lovely served warm or cold for a snack or a delicious dessert. Soft, moist and fruity this is sure to impress your guests and great for children too as it contains one of their five a day. You will need a greased and lined 8″ loaf tin Cake Ingredients ; 8 oz Self Raising Flour 6 oz Caster Sugar 2 oz Demerara Sugar 8 oz Butter/Marg 4 Eggs beaten 1 Tsp Vanilla Essence 1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon 1 Large...

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Conker Spirit – Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

A first of a kind in the UK! Cold Brewed Coffee Liqueur. Those that know me will know that I do thrive on coffee itself, especially Espresso types. If you are like me in that way you will have also been very disappointed by the lack of true ‘Espresso like’ coffee liqueurs available in the UK. We do have a habit of making alcoholic drinks and then over sweetening them or adding mad extra flavours to try provide for every taste. Now though I have stumbled across Conker Spirit, Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and my search is over. If...

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How To Create Your Own Home Made Pizza

Making your own tasty pizza dough is easier than you think. You can add your own flavours and toppings making each person’s pizza bespoke to their tastes. You can get the children involved too, to help inspirit them with a bit of cooking. The recipe combines flavour into the pizza dough but it is up to you if you want to add your own herbs or you can of course also have it plain. Both work equally as well. You can also roll the dough as flat as you like or leave it with a bit of volume if...

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