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Marsden Grotto – The Cave Bar In The Cliff

On many a journey were I have had to pass through quickly, I have always made a mental note of coming back to explore individual places a bit more thoroughly. Marsden Grotto is one of those places I vowed to myself to return to. To eat, relax and take a nice walk along the beach and cliff tops. The Pub on the beach, the cave bar. One of the only few cave bars in Europe. It is certainly different, from all angles. Nature, clifftops and beach all around yet you would not say the pub, literally built into the...

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Food and Drink On A Durham City Break

Food and drink I feel is an important part of any City Break! During a recent City break in Durham I took the opportunity to try a couple of the many independent eateries of the City. I went for variety and to my tastes and was not let down at all. I can honestly say from my time there that there is a choice for everyone to enjoy a wonderful meal with superb Durham settings. My first tip will be Zen. And before you walk in the door you get a real sense of the modern, fresh design of...

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Tapas Heaven in Barcelona

This article is about the absolute best tapas restaurant in Barcelona that you must, must visit. It’s called Cerveceria Catalana and it is based about a 10-minute walk from the university. In my case, this meant a 10-minute walk from my AirBnb, so I visited it twice in three days… It’s has two bars – seemingly split between seafood and meat/vegetarian-based tapas and both are stuffed to the brim with individual items that change according to the fresh produce available. Both bars are heavily crowded, with locals drinking wine and sampling the delicate morsels on a whim – the...

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The Perfect Trattoria in Rome

My friend Katie and I were busy getting lost in Rome when we stumbled, quite literally, across the most incredible little trattoria. It was so incredible that I need to share it with you, so it can be added as a compulsory ‘to do’ on your next trip. We’d been ambling down the river, walking back from a failed trip to the Vatican (failed because it turns out we actually only saw the museums…), when we came into Trastevere – a cute little neighbourhood of cobbled streets and pizzerias. It started to rain so we dove straight first into...

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The Oil Can Cafe of Hepworth

Nestled on the edge of the Peak District in a little village called Hepworth is the Carding Shed/Oil can café. Even though it’s local to me I only started visiting around 12 months ago and now it’s become a regular stop off point or meeting place for me and my friends. Driving up the long drive into what looks like an industrial estate you park up outside and are faced with a very uninspiring looking warehouse. I think my friend was a little nervous when I took her there for the first time last Friday. You enter through a...

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Choccywoccydoodah – Amongst The Fabulously Flamboyant Masterpieces

On a recent trip to London I was passing through Soho and had that sudden urge for chocolate. Now then there is everyday chocolate shopping…. and then there is Choccywoccydoodah chocolate! When in London it would have been rude not to 🙂 The beginnings of this chocolate treasure trove came about in Brighton, where the first shop is. Famously the two Christines, Taylor and Garratt acquired a shop there. Not knowing what to do with it they drank (perhaps lots) of gin. Chocolate cakes was the idea coming from that bottle of gin and more tellingly so was the name, Choccywoccydoodah!...

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