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Panoramas Above Dartmoor

When out on my hikes, climbs I try to describe what I see and feel as best I can. Photography helps but as I sit alone looking out and down from wherever I am a single picture does not tell the tale of emotions and feeling. I love my hobby and love to encourage others. No matter how high, the beauty and escapism of it all is something that I cherish with each climb regardless of wherever in the world I am. To show a little more here are some all round views I got on Dartmoor, I hope...

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Dartmoor – Treading Tors

Today was a day for getting right out there in the middle of Dartmoor. Out on foot, in the open space, Up and away from all surrounded by nothing but beautiful landscape. I absolutely loved it. My starting point was a very little place called Postbridge. It may be small but the amount of visitors there soon became apparent. Located here just off the road on the river is one of dartmoors more famous clapper bridges. A simple but magnificent bride. It is thought to date all the way back to the 12th – 14th century. Surviving floods, use...

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Dartmoor – A Gorge, A Waterfall and a Teaser Tor

Out of the northern hills and south I headed, way down south and west. Dartmoor. 4 Days of wilderness and hiking. Heaven! Dartmoor, in Devon is an area that has National Park status. Hill upon hill which in these parts are called Tors. Each Tor rises up with ancient stone. In fact the archaeological significance of Dartmoor is seen all over as you wander. Stone circles are in abundance, granite touched by the bronze age and even the famous semi feral ponies running around go back centuries. Many a story has Dartmoor as the backdrop, perhaps you may have...

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