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Hiking High In The Troodos Mountains of Cyprus

Perfect, absolutely perfect.. Away from the resorts, high in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus I had it all… Scenery, blue skies, mountains, wooded paths, warmth, and total peace. Miles and miles of trails and climbs to choose from. Spoilt for choice but never a bad choice to be made. The order of the day was the Madari Trail. As great a 13km circular hike as you will find. Ups, downs, wide ridges and at the summit of Adelfoi (1612 m), the island’s 2nd highest summit, you get access to the most spectacular 360 panoramic views over the island. One...

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Time Travel Across The Real Cyprus Through Its Buildings

Profitis Ilias Church – Ayia Napa As well as walking throughout Cyprus this last week it was wonderful to get a taste of the local life, history and buildings in and between. Away from the resorts and beaches, up in the mountains or out in the countryside you can get a real sense of the real Cyprus. Throughout the days we had wandered from the far West of the island to the East. Traditional mountainside villages, whole villages dating back centuries kept as they were and ancient churches/monasteries line the route. Before I show you some more fantastic hiking trails...

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Sapphire Seas of Cyprus – Strolling The Coast of Ayia Napa

Over to the East of Cyprus sits the resort of Ayia Napa. To many known as a place of party but as soon as you get out of the centre a whole new paradise opens up. Sandy beaches, rocky outcrops with blue water and sky as far as the eye can see. For gentle calming walks there are few better places. Or for the avid hiker this gorgeous stretch of coast keeps on going with its beauty. The views are endless and I can assure you that you won’t be rushed as much is too good to ignore. At...

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The Aphrodite Nature Trail – A Sublime Corner Of Cyprus

What a wonderful start to a trip to Cyprus, Day one it was boots on and off over to the far West of the island, the Akamas Peninsula, for the Aphrodite (the Greek goddess of love) Nature Trail. This whole area of Cyprus has a very strong connection with the legend of Aphrodite, the daughter of Zeus, and her lover Adonis. Today a circular trail takes you round the North coast of the penninsular, up over the sea facing hills and down through the trees and tracks. All the while you are surrounded by sun, sea, flowers of such...

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