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Revealing Expressions – Realistic art by Catherine Creaney

The light, the incredible detail in the realistic art by this self taught artist from Ireland makes you wonder if you’re looking at a photograph or a painting.. Please meet Catherine Creaney who will tell you all about herself and her art. I have always enjoyed art but started to develop a true passion for it from the age of about 13 and since then it has became a huge driving force in my life. Self taught I have developed my understanding of art through independent exploration. Mixing trial and error with studying the techniques of artists I admire. I have exhibited...

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Sally’s creative cakes – a sweet visual treat

I am not one to resist eating a piece of delicious cake, and I happened upon the wonderful creative cakes of Sally Laker. incredibly creative cakes actually! I was pondering… How long do those take to make? How much patience do you need? How would someone dare someone put a knife into it even if delicious? Well, I asked this and more to Sally herself. From the desk of Sally….. My name is Sally and I run a cake company called Sally4Cakes based in Whitstable, Kent. I am the lady next door who is always covered in icing sugar. The...

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Lost in dreamy imagination: The art of Jessica Zoob

Beautiful, colourful and dreamy. Just three of many lovely words I think of when I see the painting work of Jessica Zoob. A truly delightful artist to know that works mainly with oil paint and painstakingly builds up then scrapes back layers with great spontaneity added in. I wanted to hear her thoughts on the process and to learn what inspires this great inspirer. From the desk of Jessica….. When Paul Steele invited me to be a guest on his fabulous blog I was very delighted but a bit daunted too! I absolutely love his photos and the way...

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The art and joy of Charles Evans

Hiking in landscapes, climbing up and seeing the open spaces and photographing them etc is of course what like I do, but, to have the eye, patience, creativity and out and out talent to create glorious paintings from the views of the countryside is something I truly admire. If you are an art lover or maybe love a British view then there is one fellow you must see and follow, Charles Evans. His twitter stream is a joy to follow, not only has he got a fantastic sense of humour, he shares his art on the go, tweeting out...

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Witt-Woo! Photographing the Cumbria music scene

Pikey Beats There are some situations that require a great knowledge and talent of photography to get it right. Blue skies and sunshine help me with my hiking photos and subjects at the right time of day etc. One person I have been admiring is a local fellow to me by the name of Paul Witterick. Shots of great musicians and bands taken from the darkness of the crowds, together with the bright lights of the stage show, with all the movement therein. Such a hard thing to do and he makes it look so easy… I wanted to...

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Sculptures of the natural world: made from reused wire

You know, there are are some really damn creative people out there. I am always looking for things that fascinate me. Looking for people whom have a true talent, go about using their talent humbly and nurture it. One such person is Annie Kendall. I have been watching her take some old wire or fencing and turn it into a lifesize animal or a windswept tree even. Dogs, deer, hares. Nothing seems too much for her with a creative thought, creative touch and a challenge to be made. I managed to catch up with her to find out more along...

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