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A Cornish Escape, Tin Mines and Coves

It was August bank holiday and my family and I decided on a spontaneous getaway in Cornwall. We packed up our camping gear and drove down towards Penzance, Cornwall, we towed a camping trailer with tents and camping gear and our second eldest son and his fiancée followed behind in their car.  A weekend of camping, of gorgeous beaches, tin mines and coves, oh and pirates, lots of pirates! The drive to Cornwall from Nottinghamshire was roughly 320 miles which by rights should have taken (According to Google) 5hrs 30mins, but on a Friday before the bank holiday weekend, a total nightmare, so much congestion! We arrived...

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Cruising To Cornwall In A Camper

Skippy the Dub It’s been said that you should never meet your heroes. A few years ago, during a trip to Cornwall I found out exactly why. This is Skippy, a classic 1972 Volkswagen Campervan. My wife Sarah and I rented him with huge excitement since we’ve often entertained the thought of buying one. Skippy belongs to Chase the Sun, a camper hire company in Preston, Lancashire. We picked him up and drove the 350 miles to Cornwall via an overnight stop in Wales. Now far be it from me to deter anyone from renting a classic camper, after...

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Contrasting Views Along The Cornish Coast

Time and Time again I enter the Twitter stream and see photographs taken purely for their love of that special place they are at or as a hobby. I was struck the other day when I came across some photographs of the coast of Cornwall, south west England. Gorgeous and natural and looked like they captured true tranquil moments on the trails of @laurenameliaw. Now then Cornwall, I confess, I have not visited enough much to my regret so I asked if Lauren would kindly show you some of this little corner of Britain herself. From the desk and...

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