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Lyme Hall and Park, A Cheshire Delight

Lyme Hall is a grade l listed building set amongst the most ornate gardens and surrounded by 1300 acres of estate and deer park which is made up of moorland and woodland in Disley, Stockport, in Cheshire. Lyme Hall was originally a hunting lodge built in a remote location overlooking the Cheshire plains. The first record of a house being on the site was from a manuscript dated 1465 but it wasn’t until much later that this was demolished and a much grander palatial hall was built on the site. During the early part of the eighteenth century the Venetian architect, Giacomo Lioni was appointed to make changes to the hall including the courtyard and other...

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A Digital Break in the Calms of Cheshire

One thing I always do upon return from a trip is after a great amount of smothering by the hounds I treat them. Being Basset Hounds this does not mean miles and fast but slow and tranquil 🙂 Well, after Iceland I picked them up and off we went down the road to Cheshire, and peace. I even afforded myself a rare weekend of putting the iphone in my pocket, switched off. Does good to take a breather every now and then. Tatton Park was the main event for them, they love it there. I love it there. No...

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