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Appleby Castle – Above and Around (Video)

The snow had fallen on the Peaks all around, the Pennines and the Cumbrian fells. A wonderful backdrop for a wonderful weekend away to one of my favourite places, Appleby Castle. As I have shown in a previous post, the castle is a unique and super place to stay in Cumbria, full of history, full of character. I decided to take my drone on this weekend to get more unique views and clips…. Walking the grounds of the castle is perfect for unwinding, I shall show you more in a future post. Rows of yew trees, red squirrels scurrying...

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Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire – A Family Favourite

Tattershall castle has been a place for making family memories for many years since the kids were tiny and we always had a tradition of having a sword fight in the grounds, plenty of birthdays have been celebrated here too, birthday cake an all. We love the winding staircase leading up to each of the floors and up high onto the 130ft (40 metre) high battlements to see for miles across the beautiful Lincolnshire countryside and the sights from above show more of the history, looking over the vast landscape you can clearly see the lay of the land, from the double moat surrounding the castle, the lovely St Mary’s...

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Appleby Castle – A Stay In History

Appleby Castle, packed with history reaching back to the Roman age, and carrying on through to the Normans, great Kings, the Clifford family (especially lady Anne Clifford), the civil war and much more. Over the hundreds of years Appleby Castle retains remnants of its early history combined with how each age has left its mark up until the present day. A castle that has kept a lot of its historic soul, a castle that you stay in and feel the ambience that you would expect. A place to see and learn, a place to experience the past, a place...

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Lumley Castle – A Spontaneous LateRooms Stay

It was coming up to the weekend and we fancied just getting away for the weekend. Nowhere too far, just away from the trappings of norm. I may travel a lot, and very lucky to do so, but working and writing from home in between can give a little cabin fever. So, lets just go get away, why not. A trip for my own time. I jumped on the LateRooms website to see what they had that was not too far to travel either… Durham was the county I searched and up popped Lumley Castle. Well, why not, lets...

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Conwy Castle – The Magnificent Fortress

It was time to visit the last castle on this road trip.. A journey that had taken me to some of the most splendid 13th Century castles in Britain. Built by Edward I as he decided to quell any more Welsh rebellion against his reign. This last one was by no means least! If you have ever driven along the north coast of Wales then you surely cannot have missed the magnificent Conwy Castle rising up from the rocks it was built on. Inside and out it is a marvel to explore… so explore I did. Towers galore, ruins...

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Beaumaris Castle – The Unfinished Masterpiece of Anglesey

Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey, is truly a sight to behold. In its current state as you approach it may not look the high and grand castle you expect but as you get closer and within you see this masterpiece for what it is. Beaumaris Castle has been described as the ‘perfect symmetrical concentric (wall within wall) design’ and technically perfect…When u stand back and look at it with the moat that still surrounds, you get a lot of architectural beauty to see. During this road trip of Edward I Welsh Castles I have seen plenty of variety for sure, all...

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