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Conwy Castle – The Magnificent Fortress

It was time to visit the last castle on this road trip.. A journey that had taken me to some of the most splendid 13th Century castles in Britain. Built by Edward I as he decided to quell any more Welsh rebellion against his reign. This last one was by no means least! If you have ever driven along the north coast of Wales then you surely cannot have missed the magnificent Conwy Castle rising up from the rocks it was built on. Inside and out it is a marvel to explore… so explore I did. Towers galore, ruins...

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Beaumaris Castle – The Unfinished Masterpiece of Anglesey

Beaumaris Castle, Anglesey, is truly a sight to behold. In its current state as you approach it may not look the high and grand castle you expect but as you get closer and within you see this masterpiece for what it is. Beaumaris Castle has been described as the ‘perfect symmetrical concentric (wall within wall) design’ and technically perfect…When u stand back and look at it with the moat that still surrounds, you get a lot of architectural beauty to see. During this road trip of Edward I Welsh Castles I have seen plenty of variety for sure, all...

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Caernarfon Castle – The Mighty Medieval Fortress

Considered the most impressive of all Edward I castles, Caernarfon Castle was built to both impress and be fearsome as part of his iron ring of castles to quell Welsh rebellion. I had continued on my road trip around ‘iron ring, and from Harlech Castle, which is so impressive in itself, you cannot escape the awe when approaching this gigantic building that consumes the fishing village beside it. Caernarfon has always been a place for fortification ever since the Norman Conquests after 1066. The Normans tried their hardest to control Wales but they never quite got what they wanted....

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Harlech Castle – A Spectacular Welsh Fortress

Nestled above Cardigan Bay on the west coast of North Wales is the gorgeous little town of Harlech. However, there is one building here that certainly does dominate all around and has done since the late 13th Century, Harlech Castle. Edward I had continued from Flint Castle and built up a ring of great castles to quell any Welsh resistance to his rule. Harlech Castle was completed by 1289. From any direction it looks wonderful in its situ. High on a rocky outcrop cliff, above what would have been the sea edge in its time. With the Snowdonia Mountains to the...

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Flint Castle – Welsh Fortress of The Dee Estuary

It was time to take a road trip of some remarkable Welsh castles of Edward I that are located throughout North Wales. A fantastic journey of history, sights and learning. No better place to start than one of his first, not far from the English border and a fortress that fed this medieval King’s way to encircling the rebellious Welsh of the time, Flint Castle. From the Norman conquests of the 11th Century the Welsh were definitely a hard nut to crack for the English rulers. Things came to head when Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, the last King of Wales, actually...

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Stafford Castle – Dominating the skyline over 900 years

For over 900 years there has been a castle or ruin of in some form here in Stafford. Dominating the area for many miles around on the part natural/part man made hill, the low ground of the county here is punctuated dramatically by this vantage point. On the M6 south for instance passing Stafford, take a look left, you cannot miss it. It is not just a small ruin on a mound that some imagine.. You can see the detailed earthworks of Norman times, it has a terrific and informative Heritage trail plus an extremely delightful woodland walk surrounding. When the...

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