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St Lucia – A Caribbean Jewel

Of all the islands in the Caribbean, one of the most spectacular vistas is surely that of St Lucia’s volcanic ‘Pitons’ rising from the ocean. These mighty volcanic twin peaks stand in a World Heritage Site on the south-west coast of St Lucia. The larger, Gros Piton is 771m in height; Petit Piton stands at 743m high. Viewed from the land the Pitons are majestic, viewed from the ocean they are positively mesmeric. The Caribbean is blessed with an array of beautiful low-lying islands; all with spectacular palm-fringed beaches, azure waters and beautiful sunsets that live on in the...

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Starlight and Birdsong – A Perfect Day in St Lucia

Living in London – a city that never sleeps – and where street lamps light up the night sky; I find myself longing to gaze at stars twinkling on a pitch-black velvet sky. Star gazing in St Lucia proved a treat for the senses. On a beach in near darkness I watched the stars whilst listening to the sound of the waves lapping the shore. On a slow-shutter speed, my camera revealed the clouds that I could not see… As the breeze rustled the palm leaves above me, I could see familiar constellations – like Orion’s belt – lighting...

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Antigua – Sun, Rum And Fun

I am a proud Brit and while I love the changing seasons of the UK (somewhat more erratic than they have historically been!) I still have the fondest memories of my time living in Antigua. The photos here show the stunning natural beauty of the island; however words cannot explain how seeing the same view with your own eyes is even more breath-taking. Whilst the island is small, it’s only 14 miles long and 11 miles wide, it has a wealth of history to offer including the amazing English Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard. If you’re up for a party...

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