Newfoundland: Leech Brook – The Roar of the Water

IMG_001- leech brook

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 717In Newfoundland, the winters can vary from year to year. This year we have been experiencing extremely colder temperatures earlier than normal. This may frustrate some, but, not me. The colder temperatures have allowed the local waterfalls to freeze and start its picturesque journey into ice transformations ahead of schedule…. Read more »

Newfoundland Reflections

IMG_reflections_001- Newfoundland

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 231That first image was taken in Hillgrade, Newfoundland, Canada. I have frequently visited this area and I have photographed this church several times. But, that day, it was just sheer perfection. Photography is the art of capturing light. You use your shutter speed and f-stop to manipulate the camera’s ability… Read more »

Newfoundland – Signal Hill’s North Head Trail

001_NorthHeadTrail- signal hill

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 352Hiking in Newfoundland is always a fun time. You are subject to instant weather changes, gusty winds, and a barrage of black flies in the heavily wooded areas. But, if you take to the coastal trails, you are greeted with views surpassed by few. The majestic North Atlantic is always… Read more »

Totem Poles of Alert Bay and the U’mista Cultural Centre, Canada

First Nations Blog Photos-2 copy_totem_poles

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 499The other blogs in this series from Vancouver Island have tended to concentrate on the landscape, wildlife or tourist activities of the island. Whilst these are, as they would say in Canada “awesome”, the thing that make the Canadian West Coast so special, to me at least, is that fact… Read more »

The Wolf: A Brief Encounter, Vancouver Island

Wolf Blog Photo-4 copy_wolf_photos

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 1.2KA regular daybreak walk turn into a full-on wildlife encounter. Then later it turned into a lesson in conservation management. The day before the encounter I’d been chatting to someone and I was told about how fabulous the Wild Pacific Trail near Ucluelet was. So rather than taking my day-break… Read more »

Atmosphere of Tofino, British Columbia

B&W Blog-7_canada copy

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 0Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. Right on the extreme West Coast of Vancouver Island and it is all atmospheric rainforest, beaches, mist and fog, seascapes and wildlife.  After just a couple of days in some fantastic accommodation on Middle Beach I’m slowly relaxing into “Tofino Time”, the laid back, chill out,… Read more »

The Exploits River – Hanging out on the Sanger Park trail

001_AlongTheRiverBank_TDean_008 copy

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 401I live in a town called, Grand Falls-Windsor, which is located in Newfoundland, Canada. The Exploits River runs along the edge of town and it offers so much for those who take the time to explore it. It is a photographer’s paradise and I have spent countless hours capturing its… Read more »