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Newfoundland – East Coast Trail

I am very fortunate to live in Newfoundland. I’m surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with miles and miles of wilderness to discover.  One of the trail systems I have been exploring is called The East Coast Trail (ECT). This past weekend, I spent an hour exploring the Half-Moon Brook area nestled between Flatrock and Pouch Cove. The blue skies were calling me out of my condo.  The clean, crisp air and constant sounds of waves crashing soon transported me to a place of tranquility and relaxation.  Heaven on Earth! The East Coast Trail Association is a member-based, volunteer-driven non-profit...

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Newfoundland – The Manuels River Trail

I decided one day last summer that it was a good day for me to explore The Manuels River Trail.  I had heard about this trail and was anxious to see it for myself.  But first, I had to find it!  Thanks to a quick Internet search and the wonderful technology of GPS, I discovered it was a 30 minute drive outside of the city of St John’s.  The drive was very relaxing as I traveled through one small section of the picturesque province of Newfoundland. I arrived at the Interpretation center and within a few minutes; I was...

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Sunrises and sunsets of Newfoundland

Dawning a new day surrounded by nature, can be one of the most pleasurable things a person can do. The quietness. The serenity. The peacefulness. The early morning rise may not be the easiest, but once you see the beauty, your senses will awaken. In Newfoundland, Canada we experience a lot of colorful shows. The sunrises are intense and the sunsets are just as vibrant. Personally, I enjoy the sunrises more. Most of the world is asleep as you witness what Mother Nature has to offer. There is a saying:  Red sky in the morning, Sailors take warning. When you know...

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Black Squirrels and Birds of Stanley Park, Vancouver

In my previous post on Stanley Park I mentioned that I’d been very fortunate to see a black squirrel but that it was too fast for me and by the time I’d got my camera out it had vanished. I was determined to try and locate them on my latest trip to Vancouver. I was not disappointed. The Herons and Canada Geese were out in force too. We had recently changed location in Vancouver so my start point was at the opposite side to my normal route. I headed down towards the bridge that takes you to Granville Park...

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Newfoundland: Leech Brook – The Roar of the Water

In Newfoundland, the winters can vary from year to year. This year we have been experiencing extremely colder temperatures earlier than normal. This may frustrate some, but, not me. The colder temperatures have allowed the local waterfalls to freeze and start its picturesque journey into ice transformations ahead of schedule. Only a mere 11 kilometres from where I live (Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada) lies a wonderful paradise that many flock to during the warm summer months for a cool down swim, but, rarely do they hike it in the winter. Stage One – The Landing The landing...

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Stanley Park, Vancouver

A short visit to Vancouver and I was blessed to be greeted with a beautiful blue day. I’m quite a passionate walker and need no encouragement to put on my boots and head out for a wander. Today I’m heading for Stanley Park located in the West End neighbourhood, just minutes from downtown Vancouver. Stanley Park is a very popular place for cyclists, walkers, runners, etc. So close to the city centre it’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle for a while. Lots of people choose to cycle the 8.8km seawall, but I’m taking a more...

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