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Cambridge – Trinity College and Corpus Christi College

For my second article about Cambridge I would like to focus on two colleges which to my mind have a strong ability to inspire, because of either their past students’ endeavours or because of their connection with past students’ amazing achievements. The almost magical ability that people have to inspire others, to my mind, is amazing. Even with no actual physical meeting, people can fill others with the urge, or seemingly new found ability to do or feel something. Just by exposure to the concept of one person’s actions or achievements, others can feel a boost in energy and...

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Cambridge – A look around King’s College and Pembroke College

Cambridge University is an institution that conjures up a wide range of feelings in people. To me, its colleges, the older ones especially, are incredibly aesthetically pleasing and inspiring places that are steeped in fascinating history. These colleges make up a prestigious university that, from my observations, anyone from any background has a chance to experience, as access is purely on merit. Anyone who can satisfy the entrance requirements is equally respected. My observations have taken place while watching my state-educated son’s journey through his application to Cambridge and his life as an undergraduate student here. As we currently...

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Peterborough Cathedral – around and within

Driving South I usually bypass Peterborough using the Ring Road. On previous visits into the city I’d often wondered what Peterborough Cathedral or to give it its full name, the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, St. Paul and St. Andrew, was like inside. It’s such an incredible building from the outside. Visitors are welcomed, there is no entry fee, unless you are doing a guided tour, but they do ask that you might like to make a donation. There’s a small fee if you’d like to take photos. So having paid my dues I set about taking in the...

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