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It’s the people not the place

Whilst I love the irresistible pairing of solitude and beauty, I could be in a barren wasteland and still have an amazing time if I’m with the right people. So, whilst they’re not always mutually exclusive, maybe it really is the people, not the place, that makes the best experiences. I arrived in New Zealand, after a long flight from Bangkok, and found myself on my own in a hostel in Christchurch. The hostel was a prison, not in the metaphorical sense, but in the literal sense. Or at least, used to be a prison, and still had all...

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Angkor Wat – The Ancient Temple City Of Cambodia

I am whizzing along the silent, sleepy roads of Siem Reap in the dark. The 4am start is tugging at my eyes and aching in my belly. I arrive at the entrance to the temples, purchase my pass and stumble blearily towards the lake. I sit on the edge of the water in 5am darkness. People buzz around me, setting up tripods and refusing offers of hot drinks from local storeowners. I am silent. My eyes strain in attempt to make out the dark outline of the temple in front of us, searching for a glimpse of sunrise. Everything...

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Koh Rong – A Cambodian Paradise

I have found Paradise. In Paradise toilets don’t flush, showers are a bucket of cold water, electricity only flows for a few hours a day and when I arrived in Paradise my bedroom only had two walls. By the time I went to sleep there were four, like the felt shoes miraculously left by the elves. Paradise is an island called Koh Rong and lies a three hour boat journey from the bawdy tourism of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. A ribbon of white sand wraps its way around the jungle island, a present for those lucky enough to open it, sugar...

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