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Dark Hills and Green Dales – An Edale walk

A winter’s walk in the peaks to clear the head and lighten the soul. There’s nothing quite so simple, yet so pleasing for me as taking a breathtaking walk in the hills. All of the contrasting colour and texture draws my eye, the bracken is now a burnt umber and is receding for winter, even the grassy pastures that were once a bright vibrant playing field green is now a pale faded sepia tone. The Derbyshire stone walls remain ever the same stone grey with spots of lichen, a constant in this ever changing environment. The tree line is...

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Derbyshire to Nottinghamshire, A Tranquil Canal and Riverside Walk

If you appreciate nature and love to take a stroll by the riverside this may well be a perfect location for you to explore. All can be gained via public transport. Long Eaton Train station where our journey begins in Derbyshire, has Bicycle and Disabled access, with a lift adjoining the platform for wheelchair access. This walk borders both Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and takes in a couple of cozy riverside pubs and a lovely tea room on route, ideal for a cold drink on a summers day or a warming hot drink and a meal on a crisp winter...

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Strelley Village and Hall, a Nottinghamshire Gem

A gentle stroll in the Nottinghamshire countryside is a peaceful haven away from the city. Sometimes a more local adventure can stir the imagination just as easily as one further afield, our walk through the fields and village of Strelley shows that we don’t have to travel too far in order to find a lovely setting hidden just off the main road. The whole of the Strelley Village area is steeped in history including the Monks stones, a 14th century route taken by Monks through the area, some of the monk’s way can still be walked today next to...

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Stanton Moor and the Nine Ladies in the Derbyshire Dales

The beautiful Derbyshire Dales are often overlooked in favour of the more dramatic Peak District area, both of which I frequent quite regular, in fact I spend more time hiking throughout various haunts in Derbyshire than in my own locality. Today I have chosen an old favourite, Stanton Moor, a stones throw away from the lovely quaint village of Birchover in the Derbyshire Dales. The first sight to greet me as I stroll along the moorland is the strangely shaped sandstone rock, nicknamed the Corkscrew for obvious reasons. A landmark on the moor which has had metal hand holds...

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The Peak District: beauty and history in the heart of Britain (video)

The Peak District is a most perfect getaway situated in the heart of Britain. Something for everybody. Historic homes, vast open countryside, towns and villages to suit every taste. Here is a BaldHiker video for Visit Britain that touches on and shows some of this splendour. The next time you are in Britain then a visit to the Peak District is something not to be missed I can assure...

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Hogsozzle: The perfect Glasto warm-up – Sun, music and hog

I’m standing in the middle of a sunny field. My head is bowed down in a crowd. A heavy bass-line thumps in time to my quickening heart beat. I scrabble around for a balloon filled of dry paint. Every time I think I see one, a burst of colour obliterates my vision. Yellow, orange, blue; by the time I raise my head to the sunshine I am a Pollock-esque masterpiece. I’ve just experienced the paint fight at Hogsozzle – an Indian Festival of Colours in a field near Stevenage. For those of you cursing your lack of ticket for...

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