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Gretna Green – The village of runaway weddings

Gretna Green, a small village just over Scottish border from England in Dumfries and Galloway, and just off the A74(M). A small place that is historically known around the country and even world wide as the place for runaway weddings. The history, tales and romantic folklore together with the original ‘Blacksmiths Shop’ being in situ has kept Gretna Green to this day the marriage capital of the UK and over 5,000 marriages still taking place there yearly. Way back in 1754 the marriage laws for England and Wales changed. Those under the age of 21 must have parental consent! However,...

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Edinburgh – Inside St Giles’ Cathedral

On a recent visit to Edinburgh I wandered into St Giles’ Cathedral on the Royal Mile. The church has been the focal point of worship in Scotland for 900 years since moving on from a small affair and being formally founded, and is formally know as the High Kirk of Edinburgh. There is record of a parish church in Edinburgh since the year 854. The name St Giles came from the hermit and abbott that lived in France. His country and Scotland had great ties in the 7th Century and this was the probable reason his name means so...

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The Colourful Fronts Of Edinburgh

Just spent a couple of days in Edinburgh, our favourite UK city. One of the great things about Edinburgh is that it hasn’t been entirely taken over by the national retail chain stores – there are some great little independent shops. This combined with the great architecture and some time served, sometimes peeling, paint makes for some fantastic individualistic shop fronts. Here are some of my favourites from an early morning stroll around the Royal Mile and Grassmarket area of town. Firstly the news agents – true blue Scotsmen get your papers here…. Cafe Jacques in the Grassmarket has...

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Ben Nevis – Always A Different Climb

Ben Nevis, Scotland, the summit of which is the highest point in Britain at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft). Naturally I had made my way up to that gorgeous part of Scotland in the past on my travels. But, this was different, this was no rush up there as part of British 3 Peaks Challenge etc. I had been kindly invited to attend as a speaker on the next 4Ps Marketing conference. ‘Where would the conference exactly take place’? I asked… My suspicions where right, up high on the peak itself. Different and cool. The morning had arrived, time to get...

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A Jolly Jaunt to Jedburgh

After a few weeks abroad it was nice to get home to the North of England and have a little recreational rest. What made it even more special was that my eldest son surprised me with a visit up to stay for a short while. Always truly wonderful to see him and have him around 🙂 Added to this was the fact that the sun decided to shine and the hills had turned true green. Was time to explore some more locally. Yes I find it hard to sit and rest. This time we headed just over the border...

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Beautiful Britain – Entrancing Views Along The A68

Lately have had the need to take the drive up to Edinburgh and back on a few occasions. A couple of hours drive but I must say one of the nicest couple of hours drive you can come across. No motorways, no busy dual carriageways. Just you, the car, the A68 and miles and miles of beautiful scenery. Head off through the gorgeous hills of Northumberland for a start, up to the border with Scotland for a wonderful view from up the top then just head off through the borders with ever changing perfect countryside ahead, to the side...

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The Marvel Of Mull – A Hebridean Island Escape

It is hard to start a regular guest travel blog without telling you where it all began. My favourite place in the world. So remote I hate even telling people where it is in case they decide to visit and it gets spoilt; Mull, a Hebridean island. A chance holiday mix up meant my family and I found ourselves there 17 years ago, one blustery Easter. And we’ve not missed a year since. Indeed, it has become so deeply ingrained in the fabric of our lives that if anyone asks what my sisters and I would do if we...

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Up The Coquet River To Peak At Scotland

Tis worth the drive, definitely worth the escapism to travel way up deep into the Coquet Valley, get out on foot, walk to the Cheviot tops and look at the beginning of Scotland before you… here…. The Coquet River meanders downstream past places like Rothbury to end up at the east Coast. Being a more hilly man I went the other way and the remoteness and beauty just takes your breath away. The road gets narrower and narrower, the signs of human life gets more limited. Untouched Northumberland beauty stares at you in all directions. I was aching to...

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