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Climb Criffel to views over four lands

Heading north into Scotland turning left along the northern side of the Solway Firth you hit the A75 to Dumfries. Going Westward you cannot fail to see the prominent peak of Criffel, isolated against the skyline and teasingly inviting for a climb. In fact it is the prominent hill you see if you have ever looked across to Scotland from the north of Cumbria too. I was in the area so just had to get out and climb up again whilst the sun shone a little. There are four lands it is possible to see from the top. More...

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Sweetheart Abbey – Built in memory of true love

Heading south out of Dumfries, Scotland, driving approximately 5 miles you come to the beautiful village of New Abbey. You cannot fail to notice there is one landmark towering above all in the skyline. The ruins of Sweetheart Abbey. A shell of a building that is packed full of intrigue, history, and a story of true love. The story begins in 1268. Lady Devorgilla of Galloway had just lost her husband John Balliol (Snr) and her love was so strong she could not live without him. She had his heart embalmed and placed in an ivory box. This box she...

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Minimal Glasgow

I a previous blog post I featured some minimalist photographs I’d snapped whilst in Edinburgh. Obviously I don’t wish to fuel any inter-Scottish city jealous – so I on a recent visit to Glasgow I thought I’d continue my current obsession with minimalist photography! Although I’m no expert in this photographic field I’m rapidly discovering the trick is to find some good architecture!  Really the photos are just homage to the buildings or the art that is subject of the photograph (in my view anyway). In this case the two buildings concerned are The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Design and Architecture and...

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Minimal Edinburgh

I have just spent a few days again in the wonderful place that is Edinburgh. As you’ll know from some of my other blogs this is a regular City break for us and it was a joy to be back in the city again. Although we did the usual walks around the city, went to the theatre and spent a bit of time in a jazz club (fantastic singer song writer) – it was the National Museum of Scotland on Charlotte Street that attracted my camera’s attention this time. The original Royal Museum building was started in 1861 and...

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Puffins on the Isle of Staffa

The Isle of Staffa is a beautiful and uninhabited (approximately 80 acres) small rocky island off the west coast of Mull that is home to a fascinating and comical seabird – the Puffin. These small little birds are often called sea parrots because of their vivid colours. To get to the Isle of Staffa, you have to take a ferry. There are important colonies of seabirds that breed on Staffa and as you approach the island during the summer months, you will notice the variety of birds flying to and from the island.  It is home to hundreds of...

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Rob Roy’s Way – Part 2

For preceding post see Rob Roy’s Way – Part 1 After what ‘in my opinion’ was the best breakfast of our whole holiday we waddle on our way. A little bit of low cloud about but nothing to dampen our spirits. We discussed whether we were going to follow the main path through Killin or take an alternative route which would reduce our mileage considerably. We decided on the Killin route as we all wanted to see the Falls of Dochart. It was well worth the visit. The falls are incredible and proved a very popular spot with lots of...

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