Wildflower Wanders in the Eden Valley

Ox-Eye Daisy - Leucanthemum vulgare- flowers

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 276We live in a lovely valley in the North of England called the Eden Valley. It is perhaps less well known than it’s near neighbour the Lake District National Park. The valley’s rolling drumlins, rich agricultural grasslands, hedgerows and stonewalls present a less rugged landscape than the high fells and… Read more »

A Norfolk Pause…

1. Picturesque postcard location- norfolk

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 99Have you ever felt the need to press the pause button on life…Just to stop and take a breath of fresh air…to ponder and clear the head? Yes? Then I shall begin…a little Norfolk pause is exactly what our day transpired to be. Location: Burnham Overy Staithe, Birthplace of Richard… Read more »

Rapeseed Fields in Shropshire and the Promise of Summer

Rapeseed-20- yellow fields

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 152Daffodils herald the Spring and these days Rapeseed the promise of Summer. But this is a fairly recent addition to the English countryside isn’t it; pretty much non existent 10 years ago? In my book it is a welcome one from an aesthetic viewpoint, with great swathes of gold brightening… Read more »

Lumiere London’s Pop-Up Light Show


Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 32For four magical evenings in January, London was treated to a most wonderful light show.  The Lumiere Festival of Lights featured a series of weird and wonderful artistic light installations that magically popped up throughout some of the Capital’s most famous areas; Piccadilly, Regent Street, St James, Westminster, Trafalgar Square,… Read more »

Sheffield Botanical Gardens


Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 103A Victorian city oasis originally designed by its first curator Robert Marnock horticulturist and landscaper, which first opened its gates to the public in 1836 is still inspiring and educating generations of families. Even in winter months this gem can capture the imagination, the gardens are planted with unusual species… Read more »

Beaumaris Castle – The Unfinished Masterpiece of Anglesey

beaumaris-12- anglesey

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 3.2KBeaumaris Castle, Anglesey, is truly a sight to behold. In its current state as you approach it may not look the high and grand castle you expect but as you get closer and within you see this masterpiece for what it is. Beaumaris Castle has been described as the ‘perfect… Read more »

Caernarfon Castle – The Mighty Medieval Fortress

castle-6- caernarfon

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 460Considered the most impressive of all Edward I castles, Caernarfon Castle was built to both impress and be fearsome as part of his iron ring of castles to quell Welsh rebellion. I had continued on my road trip around ‘iron ring, and from Harlech Castle, which is so impressive in… Read more »

Harlech Castle – A Spectacular Welsh Fortress

harlech castle-8- wales

Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 599Nestled above Cardigan Bay on the west coast of North Wales is the gorgeous little town of Harlech. However, there is one building here that certainly does dominate all around and has done since the late 13th Century, Harlech Castle. Edward I had continued from Flint Castle and built up a ring… Read more »

The Tales of Derbyshire’s Magpie Mine


Tweet Share +1 Share StumbleShares 252The Magpie Mine, a 200 year old Derbyshire lead mine in the Derbyshire Dales, roughly 5km from Bakewell. No longer is it filled with lead and mining opportunities but instead filled with stories of murder, tales of underground clashes, unstable profits and “the widow’s curse.” Derbyshire’s Magpie Mine is a… Read more »