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Beautiful Britain – Entrancing Views Along The A68

I am currently living deep in Northumberland and lately have had the need to take the drive up to Edinburgh and back on a few occasions. A couple of hours drive but I must say one of the nicest couple of hours drive you can come across. No motorways, no busy dual carriageways. Just you, the car, the A68 and miles and miles of beautiful scenery. Head off through the gorgeous hills of Northumberland for a start, up to the border with Scotland for a wonderful view from up the top then just head off through the borders with...

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Beautiful Britain – Pastures Green

A rural view of the Southern Howgill Fells in the Yorkshire Dales A lot of my posts and photos here are naturally from mountainsides and mountain tops. Many many times we look out over the views and making up most of the scenery are the green green fields shaped over centuries by farming and animals into the land we know and love. In fact a lot of the time it is taken for granted as we trudge to start a climb. In our haste to get high we can forget that under our feet and around us is this...

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Beautiful Britain – Sheep In The Scenes

Near Llyn Gwynant, North Wales As I wander, climb and trek around Britain, in the hills, mountains and valleys I can look back and realise even I take things for granted. As I look back through a year’s photos on my computer and phone I see that many a time there was living company when all thoughts where my own. The photos are scattered with livestock – bulls, cows and lots of…. sheep. All weathers, all terrains there they are, living, seeing and breathing some of the most wonderful scenery our land has to offer. Certainly not camera shy...

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Beautiful Britain – A Wee Village, A Bay and A Vale

Glenfinnan Welcome to the next 3 places I admire in what has become the Beautiful Britain series. As always I have picked out a lovely place to explore in each of Scotland, England and Wales. As I hope I have shown this land is not just about green hills and a city. Each corner of Britain has its own beauty with endless amounts of sights to see. This time we have: Glenfinnan Ok I say a wee village but Glenfinnan is an area too with a big history. Just look at the picture above, you can see straight away...

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English Hills – Look Out, Look Down and Wander Around

Hills, lovely hills. It’s a sunny afternoon, you are not into the mountain trekking thing but you could do with a nice walk out in the fresh air. Somewhere with a great view and something you can take all standards to without pain. As I always say, mountains are not the be all and end all. I have many an afternoon spent strolling leisurely with the hounds up a gentle or low hill enjoying what I see. What is great? England is full of them. Here are 3 examples i have enjoyed or enjoy regularly. All very accessible and...

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Beautiful Britain – A Loch, A Jurassic Coast and A Welsh Isle

Anglesey – Wales When I wrote the first Beautiful Britain post I thought it was such a shame to have just 3 places so I thought it would be good to continue with another set of wonderful places keeping with the one from each of the 3 countries theme. It was also nice to talk about great places I have been and seen that are apart from mountains too for a break. Here are 3 wonderful places that I would recommend any explore together with some great photos I have sourced. Loch Ness – Scotland Yes, you know, that...

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