Category: Bea’s World

The Faces of Bea

It has been a while since I put a Bea update up on here. She seems to have become a mainstay on my photos out and about via my Twitter etc. In the first post you may remember that I explained what kind of dog she was and how she was progressing through her first year. Well as you can see she has reached past one and is happy to pose whenever… she loves being out and about! Being all sighthound you can imagine the hours and hours of keeping of trying to keep her focussed and attentive to...

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Bea and Her Buddies!

After the introduction here to Bea it is time to expand more into her world. Thanks so much for joining in her smiles around social media, she really is a sweet dog and companion for the whole household. A joy to have around. And a good place to expand is with her friends, she is a very social dog after all. Here bestest buddy? Oh that would be Rusty 😀 ……. Bea loves her trips to see Rusty. Very different characters indeed. Bea the bouncing, galloping, in your face, 10 month old (as I write) sighthound cross. Rusty the...

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Hello, I’m Bea!

A big woofin hello! Welcome to a new category here on BaldHiker, Bea’s world! A lot of you have been asking so many questions about me on Twitter and Facebook etc I thought it was about time I told you a bit more about myself and the fun and lazy times I have with Baldy and Friends. At the time of this article I am still a bouncy and very curious little 6 months old. A lanky long legged bundle of joy. Oh yes I still have lots more growing to do. What breed I hear you ask? Well,...

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