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The Azores – Sete Cidades And A Full On Day Of Beauty And Wonder

Heading over to the Western end of Sao Miguel, Azores I came to the rim of the Sete Cidades crater. One of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal, I got up there, looked down, and being speechless in my head I screamed WOW! I have seen many many super landscapes and views in my life. This was up there in the ‘you really gotta see this with your own eyes’ group. A huge and wide and deep almost circular crater about 5km across created through thousands and thousands of years of volcanic activity and collapses, now dormant. The Land...

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The Azores – Dolphins And Whales Galore With No Walls

The Azores sit in the middle of the Atlantic between Portugal and America. Gorgeous, green, unique. It’s not just the land that offers uniqueness. Not far off the coast is an abundance of gorgeous life, the marine mammals many only see on TV documentaries. A holiday here can bring you to seeing dreams with your own eyes. The main local residents here are Sperm Whales, dolphins of many varieties including the spotted dolphin, common dolphin and bottlenose. Many pass through on migration, eg the Blue Whale, Fin Whale and even the Orca (Killer Whale).. In fact the list goes...

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The Azores – A Look Inside The Furnas Crater

After adventure over on Pico and Sao Jorge it was time to start exploring Sao Miguel. As with all the islands of the Azores, the ancient formation comes from volcanoes rising from the ocean. Each part of each island being born at different times. This causes a great change in landscape whilst travelling through one island never mind from one to another. Standing on the rim, looking down into the crater and Parish of Furnas I got a view that is mesmerising to say the least. Created over hundreds of thousands of years of volcanic activity, laying before me...

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The Azores – A Sao Jorge Adventure from Top to Bottom

It was time for adventure, it was time for adrenalin and fun. I had hopped across to another gorgeous Azores island, Sao Jorge. Yes the pace of life here is very slow. Small communities around every island with a very warm welcome. In fact one thing that has surprised me lots is that even though as part of Portugal and thus part of the Euro area, the costs are markedly low. Like when ordering a beer I can only smile when they charge me less than € 1.50 each time 🙂 But a heart pumping adventure escape can be...

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The Azores – Pico A Young Island Rising High

The Azores. A group of islands halfway out across the Atlantic and part of Portugal. A paradise island escape, but was surprised that it was just a short 3.5 hour flight from Gatwick, London! My first island to hop to was Pico, part of the central group of these stunning isles. The first sighting was stunning, my jaw dropped as I saw it first hand. The volcano, Ponta do Pico, the highest mountain in Portugal, the highest point of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, rising up in the centre, a true sign of the magnificent adventures and sights to come....

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The Azores: An Almost Forgotten Paradise

Whenever I go on a holiday, I find it hard to decide whether to visit a mountain region or a place that is close by the sea. I love both landscapes equally much and having to choose between the two options has always been really hard for me! Now, with my recent destination, I happened to find the most perfect compromise (in my book at least!): The Azores in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. I dare say, the landscape is probably the most diverse I have encountered in my life. They say the Azores offer it all. A...

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