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Over Kirkstone Pass in the Vauxhall Mokka X

In Cumbria there is a road that captures the imagination of all who drive over it. Kirkstone Pass! It is the highest pass in the Lake District, UK with what you could call a major road over it. It is quite simply a stunning drive whatever the weather. The gradient reaches 1:4 so be prepared for low gears, but also be prepared for amazing views. The altitude at the top of the pass is 1,489 feet (454m). As the driver you of course need to concentrate on these kind of roads, but it was a great opportunity to enjoy it in...

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Cumbria Adventures in The Vauxhall Mokka X

When someone asks me if I fancy a challenge or an adventure then those that know me I can never resist. So, when Vauxhall challenged me to have as much adventure as possible in 48 hours with the new Mokka X I was sure to say ‘bring it on, let’s go!’ Of course Cumbria is one of my favourite places on earth so where better to combine the adventures, driving, views and miles. It was time to head off to the Lake District. I must say the drive up there was made a whole lot easier than I am...

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Miles of Fun at Camp Jeep – Bassella

Many of you know me as being on foot, in the hills, mountains or over the countryside. But you can’t see great places without a drive and I do love a great drive! So it was very exciting to get a welcome to take a road trip and join in some of the events around Camp Jeep 2016 which this year took place in the beautiful setting around Bassella, Spain. It is the 75th anniversary of the Jeep brand so this year’s Camp Jeep took on an extra special meaning. Jeep owners and enthusiasts from all over Europe and...

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A farewell day for the KLM MD-11

It was a day to head for a flight, but no ordinary flight. It was the day that KLM would be running the final passenger carrying flights of the MD-11. I was honoured, courtesy of KLM UK, to be taken out there from my KLM regional departure airport of Manchester. Ready to be on board this unique flight and to be part of this farewell passage at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. For many aviation enthusiasts the MD-11 was a special plane, ever since it replaced the DC-10s in the 90s. The unmistakable sight of its 3 engines, plus I have received so...

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The New Range Rover Sport Sets A Pikes Peak Record

Silence dropped on the mountain. Pikes Peak stood high and awaited a speed assault from the New Range Rover Sport. The crew and engineers stood top, middle and bottom of the track enthusiastically and with huge anticipation.. it was time to turn on the engine and go try set a world record. What record to set? The fastest time to the top of Pikes Peak for a production SUV. A time trial of 12.42 miles up to a summit that stands at a mighty high 14,115 ft The driver was strapped in and given the go! The noise of...

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The New Range Rover Sport To Take on Pikes Peak

Here at Pikes Peak, Colorado preparations are well under way for the New Range Rover Sport to take on the mighty mountain to the top. The first in a series of #DrivenChallenges. A mountain known for the speedier side of the modified car circuit standing at 14,100 ft Pikes Peak will push this production vehicle to its limits. Hairpin bends, high altitude and low temperatures. Steep terrain, ice and sometimes unforgiving weather adds to the challenge. Speaking to the engineers you get a real sense of enthusiasm and excitement. The New Range Rover Sport’s supercharged V8 engine adds to...

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