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Sri Lankan Bliss

Since coming back from Sri Lanka I’ve told all my friends that they should go there for their next holiday, and now I’m going to tell you… It was March and I had some much-anticipated and much-needed work-free weeks before I moved to Manchester and to a new job. Sri Lanka felt like a good destination for a two-week escape – small, warm and good value. Armed with those three preconceptions and a handful of excellent travel tips from my friend Sarah, my boyfriend and I set off without much sense of where we were really going or the...

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The Secret Lagoon of Hong Island

After visiting the incredible white powder beach of Hong Island, our boat then headed back out to sea and we started to cruise along the rocky coastline. We were looking for a narrow entrance in the rock face… At the centre of Hong Island is a cavern that can only be entered when the sea is above a certain level.  This is what inspired the island’s name as Hong in Thai means ‘room’ or ‘cavern’.   Small boats can enter this concealed lagoon through the narrow gap in the rocky cliffs. Once inside, we were able to slowly explore this...

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Exploring Paradise… Thailand’s Hong Island

The traditional Thai long tail boat moored up on the beach and the captain beckoned us to climb aboard.  Wading out through the warm sea, I did my best to hold my camera bag high above the water. We were embarking on an adventure to see the island jewel ‘Koh Hong’. And then we were off!  Heading out into the Andaman Sea we could see little island silhouettes on the horizon getting larger and larger.  Gradually they came into focus and we could see all their detail – the bushy green tree cover and steep, bright rock faces.  ...

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Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

I’ve been to Hong Kong quite often of late and as always I’m looking for something interesting to do. I’ve heard of people going to see Tian Tan Buddha, also known as the Big Buddha, but had never ventured there myself, so this was my ideal opportunity. Octopus card in hand I head to the MTR station and wend my way to Tung Chung Station. It’s a short walk to the ticket office for the Ngong Ping Cable Car; this is where you will need some patience. I had to queue for an hour to get a ticket for...

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The Wetland Park, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is such a fantastic city to visit but there are times when you just want to escape the hustle and bustle. Let me take you on a walk around the wetland park situated in the new territories. The journey is quite an experience in itself; I took four different modes of transport getting there and back. The MTR and the local monorail on my outward journey and on my return I went via bus and then jumped on a tram for my final leg. On arrival you’ll probably be as surprised as I was to be surrounded...

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India – The Stone carvings of Mamallapuram

It had been a while since my last visit to Chennai so when I got this trip and noticed that I’d have a clear day off whilst there, I tried to find out what I could do in a day. A friend of mine in the UK had lived in the area for a few years so I asked him for suggestions on where to go and what to see. Mamallapuram was high up on the list. I managed to enthuse three of my colleagues to come with me. The transportation was organised through our hotel. It’s quite a...

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