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Latin America Colorfully Captured by Rosalie

Clad from head to toe in traditional Argentine gaucho garb, this horse rider shows off his skill at a gaucho show, reminiscent of a North American rodeo, in the small rural town of Capilla del Senor. Historically, the Argentine gauchos were nomadic people who lived in the pampas herding wild cattle. Today, the “gaucho culture” represents an important part of Argentine heritage and national identity. Talented people and new friends appear in all places wherever I go, yet another great advantage of travelling. On a recent visit to Sark in the Channel Islands I worked with a very talented...

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The Diversity of Argentina

A couple of years ago I took on Mt Aconcagua, the highest Mountain in South America, high in the Andes. Although that was 3 weeks spent trekking up on high I did notice whilst passing through that Argentina is one top place to explore. At the time i was showing you ice, peaks, wine and steaks 🙂 But let’s look a little deeper. Where first? Of course the capital, Buenos Aires itself has enough to keep you going for the length of an average holiday but if you want to see more, there are incredibly comfortable coaches that can...

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Mt Aconcagua – The Top of The Americas

The highest mountain in the Americas. The highest mountain in the Western hemisphere. The highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere, The highest mountain outside Asia. Mt Aconcagua, Argentina, stands at 22830 ft (6959m) and towers above the Andes and lies 70 miles Noth West of Mendoza. Many climbers consider this mountain tougher than some Himalayan peaks that are over 7000m.  This is due factors including: 1.  The position South of the equator with the shape of the globe means that oxygen at a similar altitude is much lower. 2.  Vegetation and humidity disappears at lower levels thus causing very...

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