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About Ruth Clifford

Ruth loves to travel and loves to write. Living in London and working as a Digital Account Director for GolinHarris, she enjoys nothing more than escape, live music and very good food.

A cabin in the woods, Wiltshire

We arrive in Bath Spa by train – the quick hour and 50-minute journey from London Paddington whizzing us through rolling English fields, bright green…


Food and drink in Williamsburg

When you have only a few days in New York City, the foodie options can be fairly overwhelming and it’s easy to fall into the…


A New York Surprise

Being one of four girls is a massive part of who I am. From the moment I took my first breath, I have been a…


Kew, a London Oasis

London can be a bit much sometimes. It’s busy and fun and full of stuff to do, but the constant rushing and the view-blocking sky-scrapers…


King’s Landing – Dubrovnik

Any Game of Thrones’ geek worth their salt would get excited about a week in the ancient walled-city of King’s Landing and I, am excited….


A decade at Glastonbury

It’s 2003 and I’m 15. I’m stood in a crowd of people who are heavy with anticipation, clinging on to my sister’s hand as we…


New York, New York

The power of pop is such that I now struggle to say the words ‘New York’ without my brain echoing ‘New Yorrrrk’ Alicia Keys-style. With…


A week in Washington DC

The air-hostess is walking down the aisle collecting our ‘trash’; “good job y’all” she says as we deposit our empty cans. I’m being praised for…

Lauren,-Grace-and-I-at-Maori-Experience- RuthPost

It’s the people not the place

Whilst I love the irresistible pairing of solitude and beauty, I could be in a barren wasteland and still have an amazing time if I’m…


Lokrum: a world away in 10 minutes

Lokrum lies a mere ten minute boat trip from Dubrovnik’s Old Town. You can easily see it from The Old Harbour; it looks like nothing…


A Brit Abroad in Marmaris

Just before flying out to Marmaris, Turkey, I read a typically scare-mongering Daily Mail article touting drunken youths and clashes with angry locals as the…


Food Heaven at The Hand and Flowers – Marlow

Marlow is a charming town in rural-England, complete with leafy parks, statuesque houses and the Thames meandering its way through the centre. But we’re not…

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