Author: Paul Steele

A Christmas Evening Walk Around York

York, a beautiful place to walk around any time of year, but Christmas makes the City come even more alive. Lights adorning landmarks and bridges. The Christmas market in full flow with the cold evenings extra revellers. A perfect time of year too, to spend an evening, walking with camera, looking out for unique scenes as well as the known hotspots. I have walked around York many a time, be it the short, historic route around the City Walls, or through the middle on a busy shopping day. York has so much to offer for all kinds of tastes....

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Walks In 360 Degrees With Rusty

It is always an absolute pleasure to have days were I am looking after Rusty. It gets me away from the desk when I am not travelling and gets me walking in the great outdoors. I have been experimenting with the Kodak 4KVR360 this last couple of weeks so decided to get out and put the camera and the dog together for a day…… and some sheep πŸ˜€ Not only is Rusty a wonderful walking companion he is also a great listener, it helps when I am learning a new camera, patient dog he is. So, I have shown...

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Appleby Castle – Above and Around (Video)

The snow had fallen on the Peaks all around, the Pennines and the Cumbrian fells. A wonderful backdrop for a wonderful weekend away to one of my favourite places, Appleby Castle. As I have shown in a previous post, the castle is a unique and super place to stay in Cumbria, full of history, full of character. I decided to take my drone on this weekend to get more unique views and clips…. Walking the grounds of the castle is perfect for unwinding, I shall show you more in a future post. Rows of yew trees, red squirrels scurrying...

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Differing Views Of The Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360

In a previous post I introduced you to how I was getting the 360 photos and especially the Tiny Planets. I have been using the Kodak 4KVR360. Of course a tiny planet is a fun and great way to get your 360 view into a format that can be shared over social media. But the Pixpro 360 camera can do a whole lot more than that, it is a way to get any angle you wish without having to run around or take loads of photos. York Minster is the subject in the photos of this post and every...

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Ready For Winter Walks – Blaze Wear Heated Clothing

I love hiking and walking in Winter. The countryside paths gets quieter, the views get different and immense on mountains and hills, covered in snow. The whole year round brings new perspectives. One thing about Winter hiking and stopping to take in views and photographs… cold! This year I am ready for the Winter cold with Blaze Wear Heated clothing. And it works fantastically. I am getting ready for some Winter mountain walks and timely, Blaze Wear, asked me to try out their Traveller Jacket and Faye try the Inner Gloves. I can honestly say these are no gimmicks,...

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Sanderlings and Dunlins of Crimdon Beach

A walk along a stretch of beach is so much more than sea and sand as I am sure you will agree. The Durham Heritage Coast is a wonderful way to experience a great deal of variety along a coast line and enjoy walking the coast here enormously. On my recent article about walking along Crimdon Beach I explored some of the delights that can be experienced here, but if you ever come to walk here you are greeted by groups of birds in great variety. And the Sanderling groups are front and centre, walking fast, on their little...

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