Author: Cath Hebdon

A Trip Through Seaside Towns and Lakes of West Cumbria

On a recent family holiday we decided to stay in a little village called Beckermet, West Cumbria. We stayed in a converted forge which was beautiful and compact, comfortable, but a little bit creaky! We love the Lake District and usually stay in Hawkshead as it is more central to all the popular attractions i.e. Windermere, Ambleside and Coniston. However, we decided to venture further West this time to stay in this quaint little village. Beckermet is situated near the coast between Egremont and Seascale. It is only 3 kms from Sellafield but this is only visible from higher...

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Walks On Crompton Moor (High Moor), Oldham

Spanning approximately 160 acres and is one of the largest open spaces run by Oldham Countryside Service and is a registered common in Greater Manchester. It has also been a site of biological importance from 2003. The coal and sandstone quarries in Brushes Clough and Pingot were halted in 1970’s and Brushes Clough Reservoir was constructed in 19th Century. Crompton Waterfall flows into Pingot Quarry from Crompton Moor and then into the River Beal. Ancient artifacts have been discovered on the moor such as a palstave from the Bronze Age. On a Sunday afternoon we like nothing better than...

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