A beach I have walked many a time and in many a weather. Crimdon Beach is one of those joys where you can stretch your legs over a spectacular large sandy beach as well as it being so surprisingly quiet.

I did this stretch of coast on my Tyne to Tees walk and that inspired me to come back, time and time again. It is on the the very South of the Durham coast and leads into Hartlepool Headland at the far end if heading from Crimdon. On a clear day you get great views over to the North Yorkshire coast.

It is a far cry from further North and the interesting beaches that have a very industrial path. Incidentally, today the whole Durham coast has been transformed into wonderful walking landscapes. So much work has been done! Hard to believe only 20 years or so ago this was an area of heavy industry. Nature is back in charge after a great deal of hard work. I honestly suggest you walk the Durham Coast. It has become spectacular indeed.

What is even better, if you are a dog lover, it is totally dog friendly. The sands are vast, and it is so so quiet. Plenty of space for the dogs to run and run and run. And so much space that non dog lovers need not get any close. There is space for all.

It is not just a walk along a big sandy beach, it is backed by some wonderful sand dunes that can be freely walked along. Even stepping down onto the beach is full of scenes and wildlife.

The area is very important for wildlife in fact. I will be covering the many Curlews in another post but in late Spring and Summer the area is a haven for Little Terns that have made their way from West Africa. Wardens are in the area to watch over them but help with information for visitors too.

During the mining days of this North East England part of the coast, Crimdon Beach was packed with the hard workers and their families taking a little time off.

Today it is so quiet, open and clean. Perfect for a top beach walk. get out, get some fresh air and enjoy every step 🙂