Whenever get a new piece of camera equipment I love to get out and about experimenting with it. The Kodak SP360 4K Duo was even more exciting due to the far reaching capabilities of what it can do both photographically and creatively.

kodak 360-5

360 photo and video is starting to take off more and more with the advent of VR. Fully immersive videos are now easily accomplished with kit like this, enabling the viewer to see in every direction as the video goes. Also in photos you can see in every direction too, up, down, left and right. a full 360 degree sphere of view.

I will be doing a series of posts on this so will be going into the cameras themselves, 360 video, action videos and huge panoramas! Even traditional, yet extremely wide angle flat photos. Firstly I thought it would be fun to start with some photography and how you can easily turn your 360 view into a tiny planet… The views here are all around York.

kodak 360-4

How is it done?

kodak 360 more-5

Simple. You have the duo cameras… Basically 2 x Kodak SP360 4K cameras back to back. Then you have 360 views in every direction going. No escape for anyone from the camera 😉 Once back at the computer you will have 2 x photos from the 2 memory cards. The Kodak Stitch software takes seconds to put them together. Once stitched you can view the scene in any way you wish. here I am using the tiny planet a lot as you can see.

kodak 360

The results can be surreal and can stand out showing a view that has never been seen in that way before. A wonderful way to get creative with your surroundings. For example, here is a view from inside York Railway Station. The arched ceiling has created a great effect.

kodak 360 more-3

Or rather than holding the camera up above, put it below. The effect here is not the whole sky making the surroundings but the sky becomes the tiny planet.

kodak 360-6

You don’t have to use the 2 cameras to get great effects. A single camera still gets 360 degrees at the horizontal of course so lay one on the ground and……

These are just a few shots around York initially but I am really looking forward to taking this set up on my travels and hikes coming up. It will be a wonderful way for me to show even more of what I am seeing. Be it on a mountain top or in the centre of a great city.

kodak 360 more-4

I look forward to telling and showing more about this camera in coming posts…. I won’t get creative sitting here, time to go travel 🙂