I recently showed you the wonderful Zulu Dance we were treated to as part of our school trip adventure to South Africa. A trip that took two years of fundraising by all the children and their parents to raise enough money to give 36 fourteen to fifteen year old students this amazing experience. It wasn’t just a holiday, we were also there to learn about the culture and compare children growing up in South Africa to children, like us, growing up in the UK. We visited the area around Durban which is in the Zulu part of South Africa. We also had the opportunity to go into schools and orphanages to compare their lives to ours. We got to chat, play games and just get to know a lot of different people coming from hard backgrounds. Of course we had a special meeting with the wildlife too…..
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One special trip was to Nambiti Private Game Reserve near Ladysmith.  It was a 3 hour drive from Durban but well worth it.  Upon arrival we were settled into our posh tents in the camp.  The camp had a big fence around it to keep the wild animals out but the guides warned us not to wander too far as sometimes the animals got inside the fence!  After that, we were taken on a game drive until sunset. The next morning we had to get up early for another game drive. It was freezing! We saw lots of different types of animals on the safari.

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At one point one of our group members saw an animal carcass and our guide Jonathan got out of the truck and walked to investigate it.  Then he looked up and spotted a lion watching him! So he backed away slowly and tripped on a log.  Jonathan got back to the truck safely and we were able to get a better look at a lion through the bushes.

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