Rydal Water, as far as the main bodies of water go within the English Lake District, this is one of the smallest.. but is one of the most beautiful. A treasure to wander around at any time of year. Only just over a kilometre long and 3-4 hundred metres wide, a circuit of Rydal Water is a walk that so many can enjoy. If you are in the lakes there can’t be any excuses not to really. The A591 between Ambleside up to Grasmere, then Keswick is a huge tourist trap, the road a majority will travel. Heading from Ambleside, and not long before Grasmere, keep looking left, Rydal Water will be tempting you.



I use this walk around Rydal Water as a head clearer myself. Amongst a busy day in the area it is great to just pull in here and walk around without a care for a couple of hours or more. On a calm day the reflections are incredible, the green fells and clouds reflecting superbly in the water. It is not just about a hike or landscapes though, there is nature great or small all over the place here, just sit for short while near the water’s edge or in the woods. You will see insects, birds and animals, all around you. Never a good call to just walk non stop. Damselflies, bright blue, dancing over the water en masse.





On the side opposite the road you are at the foot of the fells, more away from all and by the water’s edge. Sit, relax, look out out. Within the reflective view and the nature, there is time to look and think about the small finer things in life.




As well as walkers there are those having picnics by the water, dogs enjoying a swim, and people enjoying an invigorating swim too! So much going on but still seemingly away from crowds, room for all.



Except this little fella I met on my last walk round… he was scared of getting in the water… see, Monty and Jasmine are not alone 😉


Parking for the walk couldn’t be easier. Easiest and most plentiful parking is in the ‘White Moss’ car park at the eastern, Grasmere end. Loads of spaces, if a little extortionate as comes with the territory these days. If you head early in the morning you ‘may’ get one of the small handful of spaces in the lay-bys nearby. From the car park you can head straight through the woods that stand between Rydal Water and Grasmere, turning left to head down to the water once you are through. I go this way round as it allows me get into the nature part first. Woods, away from the road, beneath the fells. Bliss.



A cafe is on the opposite (western) end near Rydal too. A lazy coffee pitstop before the small walk back along the roadside with views back across from where you were, sat amongst it all, without a care, except the care for nature at its finest.




I will be showing so much more from this area over the coming months, there is so much to see and much of it only a gorgeous stroll away. Wordsworth has a massive connection here and one of the houses I featured in the Lake District video too. The fells around Rydal Water bring beautiful views unlike so many others, plus there are some quirky things to show, looking forward to it, and of course I always look forward to heading to this area.