A Derwentwater Dawn

A Derwentwater Dawn

Derwentwater at sunrise. Something that should be on the list of things to do if ever visiting the Lake District. Especially if the weather says a clear, calm morning is ahead. I am often in the area for hikes and climbs so always good to check the weather forecast, as I did this particular day. If I am up early anyway I may as well set off a little earlier and enjoy some natural beauty to help get the day started.

P3100163 derwentwater A Derwentwater Dawn

You don’t have to hike for miles either to catch the morning light come from behind you, lighting up the fells across Derwentwater. From the main lakeside car park at Keswick you can walk the few hundred metres to Friars Crag for a great lookout. Or wander the side of the lake beyond or before. Just enjoy it, no crowds, no noise, just the lapping water with the morning bird calls.

P3100128 derwentwater A Derwentwater Dawn

At Friars Crag there is even a bench you can sit at. Spring as you can see brings colour, sunshine and the remnants of snow upon the fell tops. Goes to show you do not have to be physically looking at the sun to get a great sunrise. Let the water and mountains do the lighting up for you.

P3100169 derwentwater A Derwentwater Dawn

If you get there a little earlier the silhouettes under the starry skies can also bring super views. A prominent feature across the water, creating reflections, is Catbells and the humped ridge to the summit.

P3100010 derwentwater A Derwentwater Dawn

Or look over your shoulder. Skiddaw at this time of day can have great dancing clouds around it’s base, top or midrift. Every minute the view changes. Just one of the many things that draws the eyes to Skiddaw. An iconic shape, gorgeous colours all year round and clouds, unpredictable but often adding to its charm.

P3100057 derwentwater A Derwentwater Dawn

A tip top start to the day, I was more than pumped up for a couple of hikes. It was time to go. But always knowing… I shall always be back icon smile A Derwentwater Dawn

P3100154 derwentwater A Derwentwater Dawn

P3100080 derwentwater A Derwentwater Dawn

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4 Responses to "A Derwentwater Dawn"

  1. Barbara Weibel  April 19, 2014 at 10:21

    So beautiful and serene. I can’t wait to visit this area, though getting up for the dawn is not my favorite thing to do. I shall just have to force myself.

    • Paul Steele  April 19, 2014 at 13:54

      Thx Barbara.. yes I am lucky to live well within an hour of there so not tooooooo early :D

  2. Julie Brown  April 11, 2014 at 06:50

    Stunningly beautiful and gorgeous.
    If you look at Catbells from right to left…it’s a photo of
    a mans head!!!!….forehead, nose and beard……
    What say you?


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