I happened to be passing Liverpool a few days ago and, inspired by my visit to the Angel of the North a few weeks ago, I made time to go and see another Antony Gormley installation called ‘Another Place’.


This art work is at Crosby Beach near Liverpool and it consists of around 100 life size cast iron figures set out over 3 kilometres of the beach. The figures stare out to sea and as the light, tide and weather constantly change so the art work changes. They are also slowly weathering and gaining marine life encrusted on their 650 kg bodies, that were cast using the body of the artist himself. Some figures have been adapted by visitors – some have been painted and some had t-shirts added.



Although I was only able to stay an hour or so before heading off to my meeting in Liverpool I was there long enough to capture something of the changing light. I found the whole experience quite amazing. The beach was pretty much deserted and unlike the Angel – which is monumental – these beach figures are more approachable (literally) so you can wander up the beach and say hello to each one in turn…..