Sunny days by the River Thames

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It’s been a glorious few weeks in London, with warm sunny days and hardly a cloud in the sky. And with the heatwave forecast to continue and the skies set to remain gloriously blue across the UK for a good while yet, there’s rarely been a better time to get outside and enjoy the sights.

IMG 0908 copyright Sunny days by the River Thames

Making the most of the sunshine, I enjoyed a lunchtime stroll along the River Thames. From the world’s most visited modern art gallery, the Tate Modern on London’s Southbank, I weaved past holidaymakers, school children and office workers in shirtsleeves and summer dresses as I walked across the Millennium Bridge – or the wobbly bridge as it remains affectionately called by Londoners after it’s unsteady launch thirteen years ago.

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IMG 0648 copyright Sunny days by the River Thames

It’s now perfectly stable and affords some lovely views downriver towards Tower Bridge, the City and the 72-storey skyscraper, the Shard – the tallest building in the EU, which dwarfs Southwark Cathedral and everything else nearby.

IMG 0662 copyright Sunny days by the River Thames

IMG 0652 copyright Sunny days by the River Thames

I reached the steps of another of London’s most recognisable landmarks, St Paul’s Cathedral and admired it’s beautiful dome before heading back across the river and enjoying a well-earned pint of beer by Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, sitting in the sunshine by the water’s edge. Lets hope it stays like this for the rest of the summer!

IMG 0832 copyright Sunny days by the River Thames

IMG 0827 copyright Sunny days by the River Thames


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  1. All photos are pretty good. Every places are my favorite places and i would like spend more time with these places. Wonderful thanks for this article.

  2. I look at your nice pictures and I think you had very interesting journey. I have never been in UK but I’m learning English. And one day I will be able to visit London too!

  3. South Bank is my absolute favourite place to go in the summer. I love the fact that they tidied it up a bit for the olympics by adding that garden near the eye. Actually South Bank is my favourite place in winter too when it has the German market. I just love London, can’t wait to go back!

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