Gambia – Baboons and Birds

Gambia_20130428_00280 copy

(Great White Egret)

Gambia is a bird watcher paradise with around 540 bird species having been logged. Although Gambia doesn’t have the large mammal populations of East Africa day trips can be arranged to Senegal to visit some wildlife parks which have some larger mammals.

In the Makasutu Forest, which I visited, it is the bird and baboons that are centre stage. Birders from all over the world come here and the Mandina Lodges are a great base for these trips. UK readers will be interested that TV presenter and keen birdwatcher Chris Packham leads groups here for The Gambia Experience. The guides at Mandina Lodges assure me they taught Chris everything he knows about the Gambian bird species… and I believe them. My guide could spot a bird, identify it and tell me where to look before I’d even looked up!

Professional bird photographers look away now…. These are the best I could do with my gear and ability. The best photographs I have are of the large, slow birds. All I have of the small fast ones is a blurry tail feather in the edge of the picture as they dashed out of frame!

Gambia 20130430 00446 Gambia   Baboons and Birds
(Pied Kingfisher)

Gambia 20130430 00475 Gambia   Baboons and Birds

Gambia 20130428 00004 Gambia   Baboons and Birds
(African Harrier Hawk)

Gambia 20130428 00276 Gambia   Baboons and Birds
(Pied Kingfisher)

Gambia 20130428 00056 2 Gambia   Baboons and Birds
(Violet Turaco)

Gambia 20130430 004681 Gambia   Baboons and Birds

Gambia 20130428 00045 Gambia   Baboons and Birds
(Red Eyed Dove and a Blue Bellied Roller)

If you want more information on Gambia’s bird life try this website. This site has been done by a local guide called Sainey Jargu – the guide with the coolest dreadlocks in Gambia. Sainey’s friend Mamadi Bayo guided me from Mandina Lodges.

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