A Winter Woodland

A Winter Woodland

First the snow came as a light dusting, like icing on the twigs and branches.  Then overnight, the big flakes fell – snow on snow – and the forest was transformed….

Sarah Rees snow forest A Winter Woodland

Bony winter branches now weigh heavy beneath the snow as sunlight streams through the trees to a sparkling floor.  Like a magical icy kingdom, Epping Forest falls silent, muffled by undulating drifts.

Sarah Rees winter forest flare A Winter Woodland

The silence is broken by the shrill squawks of magpies and jays.  They have discovered a pile of breadcrumbs left for them, a simple act of kindness.   In a time of food scarcity, such a feast draws a raucous reception – and a varied crowd.

Sarah Rees jay snow A Winter Woodland

Sarah Rees nuthatch A Winter Woodland

Smaller birds sit and wait for the boisterous jays before they too join the feast.  A flurry of activity, flapping feathers and chirping as tiny blue tits, great tits and even a nuthatch dart to and fro; plucking breadcrumbs and flying off to their perches on young beech trees.

Sarah Rees great tit flight A Winter Woodland

Sarah Rees great tit 2 A Winter Woodland

The bright copper leaves of the beech trees hang heavy with snow.  Unlike other deciduous trees, their leaves cling on to winter branches, a splash of colour between the dark, bare branches of neighbouring trees.

Sarah Rees beech tree snow A Winter Woodland

Whilst very beautiful, winter is a harsh time for woodland residents.  But the thaw has already begun with the rustle of snow slipping from trees.  The magic of Spring is just around the corner….

Sarah Rees blue tit snow A Winter Woodland

Sarah Rees snow forest sunset A Winter Woodland

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Sarah Rees Sarah has been fascinated by the natural world for as long as she can remember and is keen to explore new places and document wild encounters with her trusty camera. She is an Environmental Scientist, presenter and keen wildlife photographer; and is also a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. With a background in television production, she launched her online Forestwatch videos to celebrate the diversity of woodland wildlife and ancient trees. She is keen to work on more Natural History programming. http://www.sarahrees.co.uk/


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2 Responses to "A Winter Woodland"

  1. Sarah Rees
    Sarah Rees  February 5, 2013 at 14:58

    Thanks guys! It was actually relatively easy to photograph the birds as they were so hungry – they were enticed by breadcrumbs!

    • Barbara kelly  December 23, 2013 at 08:00

      Beautiful pictures! I am fan of nature and and mother nature when she is at her calm and tranquil. The snow scenes with the sun a glow just awesome.


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