Waking up to a white winter scene, yes winter has finally arrived in my part of the UK too. While everybody has been suffering from all the snow and ice around the UK, I was lucky enough to escape most of it. Winter weather can bring a lot of bad things, getting stuck in traffic, flights cancelled etc. But gladly it brings a lot of beauty as well. Snow covered hills, frozen lakes and I love the sound of fresh snow underneath my boots.

So after I woke up a little. I went out into my garden where I found this little Robin enjoying the snow and its breakfast. I sat down with my coffee and watched it happily hopping around. Like many people I think Robins are quite cute and they look beautiful in the snow. But, as with the winter weather, this beauty has a dark side too…¬†They are one of the tamest bird species in Britain but are also known for viciously protecting their territory.¬†Males will fight fiercely with one another to defend their territories, sometimes to the death. At least it let me take a few photos before it decided to fly off again :)