It’s time for another one of those hidden gems of the Twitter stream. I do so enjoy looking through a great photo stream after a pic catches my eye. So many people out there taking natural wonderful photos and doing it just for sharing and personal pleasure. As you may know, most of my live travel tweet pics and half the blog pics are done via smartphone. I saw someone doing amazing pics of the little parts of nature she saw as she wandered, a pure natural iphone camera user..  her name is Julie Arnold (julie911). Here is some of her work with her words.

From the desk of Julie Arnold

My name is Julie. I’m from Spain and currently living in the southeast US with my husband, our daughters, our dog Luna, and our turtle Eugene. I’m thrilled that Paul offered me the opportunity to feature a few of my photos on his blog.

I photograph for myself – for the sheer joy of focusing on the beauty around me every day. It makes me appreciate the simple things and feel gratitude.

Cosmos flowers in mid-october, a blooming rose bush in November. Some of the best surprises from my garden this year.

This dogwood tree in our yard is the first to bloom, the first to turn colors in the fall, and the first to lose its leaves. The little buds left in its branches will turn to flowers next spring. Tiny symbols of hope through the winter.

Catching the moon in the morning, when it’s hanging low and the sun is rising. A brand new day begins.

You can discover gorgeous details, color and light you didn’t notice before, just by lying down on the ground and looking at the world from different points of view.

Looking up to catch flower petals and tree leaves against a patch of blue sky or a passing cloud. The sky is my favorite backdrop.

The changing seasons: autumn brought cold air and warm, vibrant colors – and the beautiful nostalgia of fallen leaves.