Bridgend: Glamping And Crafting At Cwm Tawel


I will camp anywhere and anyhow. Basic camping is not for everyone, especially with the good old summer we had this year. I was fortunate enough to experience camping in comfort recently in a yurt at Cwm Tawel near Bridgend. The yurts are traditional Mongolian nomadic dwellings and provide a fantastic luxury feel combined with a camping atmosphere. Each yurt can accommodate up to 5 people… For Cwm Tawel there is no need to pack a car load of logistics.. Almost everything is provided. You just need to turn up and enjoy getting away with the fresh air of the South Wales countryside.

Time of the year need not matter. I was of course there in November and although fresh outside the warmth of a log stove inside keeps the comfort levels high as you lay or sit on the fine furniture.

For cooking there are so many options.. each yurt has its own barbecue to be utilised or for a bigger treat the communal camp fire under cover has lots going on. Kettles, pans, stoves for cooking traditionally over the fire or why not use the cob/clay oven to make and cook your own pizzas? Gotta be done :)

Now then.. Cwm Tawel is not only a place to camp, relax and stay. If you want more they can give you more even if you are in Wales and want to try something different and local without stopping over. Why not try one of their outdoor crafts and skills courses? Cob building…. Willow basket making.. Foraging… Coracle building and much much much more!

I took part in making a spoon from a branch of Ash Tree… Under super guidance from Phil I was soon sawing away, trimming a shape and then sat by the campfire whittling the final touches. I must say it was one of the most calming and relaxing things I have done. Productive and learning too.

I lay my spoon next to Phil’s masterpieces.. Can you guess which is mine? 😉

What better way to put it to the test? Than to use it to eat a traditional Welsh Cawl that had been stewing wonderfully over the fire… delicious!

This experience here helped create a wonderful weekend away with the walking too. If you would like to learn lots more then vist their website.

Looking down the Garw Valley .. A great local are to wander and explore

For lots more information on things to do in the Bridgend area then go to Dare To Discover .. Twitter @Daretodiscover 

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  1. This is wonderful!
    I did not have the opportunity yet to visit that part of Wales but I’m really willing to do it soon.
    I’d like to try glamping too.
    What about the temperature during the night?
    Eventough I’m Italian, I’m quite “nordic” inside but I’m curious.

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