A Page From My Notebook: Bringing The Thunder.
As storm clouds roll in so does this elephant family. They are letting me know exactly who is in charge.

I am probably best known for photographing elephants. I have photographed them in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, and South Africa.  In each country the elephants are different. The environment they live in is drastically diverse in each country on the continent of Africa. In Kenya, there is the open land of Amboseli National Park. Here the herds are vast.

On safari, I keep a journal, a sort of photographic notebook. These are all personal memories for me. In each photograph, I wanted to capture the moment as I remember it, as I saw it, and more importantly as I felt it.

A Page From My Notebook: The Company Of Elephants.
A small cattle egret, taking a rest or catching a ride, I am not sure which.

A Page From My Notebook: Mutual Respect
I accidently found myself in the middle of a small group of elephants walking to catch up with the herd that was on the opposite side of where I was sitting. 

A Page From My Notebook: Dusk
Holding my breath as I now have been spotted, and warned.

A Page From My Notebook: Wild Kenya
With a quick sharp turn, and a head thrown confidently to the side, I am told exactly the way it is.  Africa does not belong to me.

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