Wherever I wander in the world it is hard not to come across bovines in one way shape or form. Many a scene I have passed through or taken a picture from has contained these four legged friends. All sizes, colours and varieties show up on our travels, almost missed in memory due to their abundance and world population, believed to be well over 1 billion. I just happened to be browsing through photo sets from past trips and noticed how they not only gave us nourishment through milk and meat but they have quietly for hundreds and hundreds of years added to the scenes, from pastural Britain, sea views on remote islands, to mountainsides in the rough wilds. I thought it would be fun to share a few of these great curious beings from on the road.

A curious bunch in the paradise of Sete Cidades, Azores


A view over the Atlantic for this lazy cow.

The Eden Valley, Cumbria has so many breeds all within a few miles of pathways and fields.

Cows are very curious creatures indeed. The bunch above followed me for miles on one particular walk. Even more curious when you enter their turf with dogs. There are many people injured, crushed or even killed by cows that come after dog walkers. If you see calves in a field then best to keep dogs away as far as possible. If in real difficulty and the cows get real close in a group the best to do is let the dog(s) go as that is what has gathered the bovine gang’s attention.

One fellow I did not want to mess with 🙂

If you have ever driven over Orton Scar, Cumbria. Then you will be aware that amongst the limestone beauty the sheep and Highland cattle are free to roam the roads as above. Be careful driving at night 😉

On occasion I have not had to travel to have them in eyeshot, sometimes they sneak right up to the garden. Moooooooo!