Morecambe Bay – Shades Of The Setting Sun


For a number of reasons I venture oft to the vicinity of Morecambe Bay and the surrounding towns. Be it along its northern shore near Ulverston or Barrow-In-Furness or round below the Lake District in the areas of Carnforth, Lancaster and the town of Morecambe itself. This day today was one of those gorgeous days that I knew would end well. Blue, calm skies turning to dusk as the sun set out in the bay due West. Time for a coastal stroll :)

Morecambe Bay Sunset Morecambe Bay Sunset Morecambe Bay Sunset

The Morecambe and surrounds I remember from childhood memories (roller coasters, tacky promenade, seaside town like Blackpool’s little sister) has been transformed into a more quiet, green, serene coastal area. Parallel to the coast up around Carnforth and Grange-Over-Sands there is the most peaceful and green canal walk that as a dog walker I have trundled many many a mile along with pure satisfaction. The coast itself too is a joy to wander along. Sands, mudflats and green hard grass for miles and miles. Caravan sites dotted along the front sit as a special secret to all whom discover.

Morecambe Bay Sunset Morecambe Bay Sunset Morecambe Bay Sunset

The bay itself is where I came to watch today. The bright red/orange sun coming down over the water, sand and distant land of Cumbria. I love these times of reflection. Alone, calm, nature’s beauty before me. What else could I want? All this on our very own doorstep, no need to fly thousands of miles or drive down South.

Morecambe Bay Sunset Morecambe Bay Sunset Morecambe Bay Sunset

I will be wandering this area a lot as ever over the coming months and will go into more detail on a few personal hikes that I cannot wait to do again… Lovely Lancashire.

Morecambe Bay Sunset
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