Monument Valley Or Just Beauty Created By Nature


Everyone always wants to see Grand Canyon but do people actually know about the beauty that lies around 173 miles in the northeast of the Grand Canyon, between Utah and Arizona?

If you ever have the chance to visit the west coast of the United States take your time to go and see Monument Valley and you will for sure never forget these massive but beautiful rocks that have been formed by mother nature.

Monument Valley United States Monument Valley United States Monument Valley United States Monument Valley United States

For me, the wonderful thing about travelling is to escape from your everyday life and see places that are totally the opposite of what we are used to see.

These days I think it is very impressive to see that people live in an area that we would call the middle of nowhere. About 300 Navajo live around the Monument Valley to keep up their tradition and also make it possible for us people to come and visit.

Monument Valley United States Monument Valley United States

Some people may know Monument Valley from western movies like ‘Stage Coach’ with John Wayne or ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ that have been filmed there.

If you drive to Monument Valley, you can use your own car to drive through the loop road, called “Scenic Drive” or you can get a guided tour from native people.

Monument Valley United States Monument Valley United States

You can stop wherever you want, to capture the most amazing views and just enjoy the silence and very peaceful area. For me it felt totally relaxing to drive through and see all these enormous rocks. The memories you take home with you after such a wonderful trip are amazing and I think by visiting places like this you sometimes see the world from a different perspective afterwards. Nature is just beautiful and you appreciate it even more!

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