The Azores – Dolphins And Whales Galore With No Walls


The Azores sit in the middle of the Atlantic between Portugal and America. Gorgeous, green, unique. It’s not just the land that offers uniqueness. Not far off the coast is an abundance of gorgeous life, the marine mammals many only see on TV documentaries. A holiday here can bring you to seeing dreams with your own eyes.

The main local residents here are Sperm Whales, dolphins of many varieties including the spotted dolphin, common dolphin and bottlenose. Many pass through on migration, eg the Blue Whale, Fin Whale and even the Orca (Killer Whale).. In fact the list goes on. A boat trip from The Azores has more than 95 per cent of seeing at least one of the above each time.

Futurismo here on the island of Sao Miguel for instance offer daily trips out by boat. All with the added bonus of a marine biologist on board. Half a day I spent with them in the morning and was treated to sights I never thought I would see or will maybe never see again. Dolphins of the spotted and common type where in abundance, jumping freely in their open natural habitat. The juveniles in the groups happily playing games with the motion and direction of the boat, creating a special treat at the bow.

Also they never use the tricks, and sometimes cruel methods of using calf calls to summon the whales. All is done by using lookouts on the island with powerful binoculars.. The radio communication goes crazy :)
Plus, for the swimming with dolphins excursions where you get to snorkel and see dolphins in the wild really up close, the regulations are strict and proudly adhered to. Not many boats around at all on mass plus only 2 people in the water at any time.

As you can imagine, trying to capture all this on camera on a rocking boat in the Atlantic is a challenge. Once in my life I have now seen a Sperm Whale and unusually for this time of year here a Fin Whale. They are big.. bigger than you can imagine! I had this one chance, I chose to view sorry…. They appear, then they may dive dive dive… you need to come see with your own eyes.

The Azores – Dolphins And Whales The Azores – Dolphins And Whales The Azores – Dolphins And Whales The Azores – Dolphins And Whales The Azores – Dolphins And Whales The Azores – Dolphins And Whales The Azores – Dolphins And Whales The Azores – Dolphins And Whales
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