Firstly, can I give a huge huge thank you to all who have been such kind supporters to my friends and I here at Baldhiker.

I have been and have travelled around Britain as well as the world, sharing the journey. But in the social media streams I see so much beauty and places where I have yet to set foot or may not for a while. This country I see captured daily by mobile phones etc, by people exploring or getting out and about. In this section of the site I want to have fun and share. Let’s see your Britain and the beauty you see. Iconic sights alone don’t tell the story.. It could be your local dog walk, your local beach, your quiet holiday spot… If it’s Britain and it’s a great view then let’s see and share 😀

All you have to do to get your pic shown:

1. Name the place etc for the title

2. Give your name and/or Twittername

3. Give a paragraph of at least 3/4 sentences summarising the pic… Memories, thoughts, background (on the moment, scene).

4. Send the pic and above info to BaldHiker Your Britain

We will try to show as many of the nice ones as possible over time

I really look forward to seeing and sharing some fantastic pics of Your Britain.. Let us see where we travel too in this section. We will post pics at intervals, maybe one a day, depending on time and location I/we are at.  Thank you.

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