This Is Madagascar!


Madagascar Music. The musical rhythm of Madagascar’s Verreaux’s sifaka lemur when they decend to the ground. On the ground their bipedal locomotion of hops and leaps are as magical as the country itself.

Madagascar is a mission, plain and simple. It is a mission to travel to, a mission to get around, and a now a mission to save. Nothing is even remotely simple in the most wildlife diverse country on the planet. I have been very fortunate to have spent almost 5 weeks on this magical island, these are my favorite images.

Madagascar Dreaming. Ringtail lemurs are the sun-worshiper’s of Madagascar. This curious Ringtail came to see what I was doing and then fell fast asleep in the sun.

Antananarivo At Dusk

Peeling coconuts at the roadside markets.

Famadihana: Malagasy people honor their ancestors by removing their bones from the tombs and rewrap them in new shrouds in an exhumation ceremony called Famadihana “The Turning Of The Bones.”

The Rice Fields

The toughest negotiator in Madagascar. She stood smack in front of one of the most beautiful baobabs on the island and only would move for cash U.S. I refused to negotiate. She made as many faces as possible at me until I finally caught one when she didn’t think I was looking.

Robyn Gianni is a gifted documentarian. She is a partner for the African Wildlife Foundation and a selected member of the Baobab Society. Her work can also be found at National Geographic.

Flicker Link:  Robyn Gianni


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  1. Great pictures !
    The little girl is a true negociator ! She should be at school studying Business … if she ever gets a chance.
    I’ve heard that even if Madagascar is a huge island, it feels small … How did you feel about it ?

  2. Love the colorful photos in this post. Looking forward to reading more post about Africa, especially South Africa and hope you’ll be visiting Cape Town in the near future too

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