Enjoying the beautiful Gorges du Verdon in the Provence

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Whether it is walking, bouldering, hiking, kayaking or just simply sitting on a stone with your feet in the refreshing turquoise water of the river Verdon: The higher Provence region in France has a lot to offer for those who enjoy nature!

One of it’s true pearls is the so called Gorges du Verdon – a spectacular canyon that forms the border between the Alpes-Haute-Provence and the Var. The ‘Grand Canyon du Verdon’ is about 21 km long, varies in width between 6 and 100 m at the bottom and 200 to 1500 m at its rim. There are plenty of hiking tracks to be explored there- any level of difficulty can be found. My favourite hike starts shortly after the idyllic town Castellane (*left in the picture) and takes about 6-7 hours in total – depending on how much time you spend in between for just observing the beauty of the nature. I recommend to start early in the morning, bring enough water and plan in a few stops where you can just observe the colorful light play in the river, sit on a stone warmed by the sun and enjoy the subtle sent of rosmary and thyme in the air. I can’t praise it enough: There are passages through caves (don’t forget a torch or you’ll regret it) and a spectacular ladder climb for the adventurers among you!

When traveling by car, I recommend to arrive via the famous “Route des Crêtes” – it is one of the most beautiful roads to explore the canyon!

Oh by the way: For those of you who enjoy a good swim: The Lac de Sainte-Croix is just around the corner and equally gorgeous! From there it’s not very far to the gorgeous Lavender fields that the Provence is also famous for. A trip to the famous Côte D’Azur can be done in less than two hours – don’t forget to stop in ‘Grasse’ for a coffee, a delicious croissant and a new perfume!


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  1. Awww, thx Krys for saying so. If you ever decide to pay Europe- let me know. I’ld take you for a hike in the Provence anytime! :-)

  2. Gorgeous photos! Thank you for sharing and describing the beauty and surrounding areas so well. After reading it’s exactly where I’d love to be if I could travel to any destination.

    Nini, outstanding as always. Great blog, Paul!

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