It was that time again… Time for the next #TweetupandHike. After Helvellyn, Northumberland, Snowdon of previous events it is wonderful to see it being joined by not just Tweeters but Facebookers, and friends of too! This time it was Lancashire, Pendle Hill being the wander.

As always it was new faces and faces of old in the shape of @xwidep @andywilliamson1 @draywilliamson @cindyvriend @animal_watch and Ian. Hiking in groups like this without formalities and just social media in common to start with it is amazing the kinds of great people you meet, whom you would not normally do in another setting. Lots to learn and talk about en route.

Even our four legged friends came along, my @MontyandJasmine and Bezo. It is not all miles and walking.. Of course there is the night before and night after greetings and celebration socials to quench the thirst 😉 And share some laughs. The accommodation was agreed by all to be more than perfect. Close to the hill, absolutely genuinely friendly and helpful staff plus dogs more than welcome – The Best Western Higher Trapp Country House Hotel.

On the Saturday morning we set off on the path up this isolated hill that overlooks the towns of Burnley and Nelson. The history surrounding Pendle Hill has attracted more hill walkers that just outdoor lovers. One of the founders of the Quakers (George Fox) was influenced in the groups very beginnings due to a ‘vision’ he had on the top. But, the story of the Pendle Witches has more widely known association with the area.

The early optimism of the hike wasn’t getting dampened with a little drizzle at the foot of the hill, but, so so fast, the clouds gave way to blue sky as we started uphill. Was amazing how the weather timed itself for us. The moods just got better and better. Up and up we went.. The views got larger and larger. looking out over to Yorkshire and over Lancashire, field upon field lay out before us. Lot’s of time for twitpics… but of course admiring the view for ourselves.

@dwraywilliamson smiles on the way upHeads down, nearly there

Ian ponders the last few metres and admires the view over Lancashire

The top ahoy! @andywilliamson1 gets a spring in his step.

Tweet tweet tweet tweet! 😀

@animal_watch @cindyvriend and @xwidep stop to take in and enjoy the view after their efforts

All done, back down, cleaned off and time to hit the bar!!! Cheers!!!

Look out for the next #TweetupandHike…. Coming North and South over the coming months.