Moving house to over 3 hours away means I’m on the road a darn lot at the moment back and forth. That doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy the scenes around me en route 🙂

One great thing about a drive up through the north of England is that you are never far from hills and rolling greenery. I hate to get a leg stretch by pulling over into the expensive motorway stations. I must admit I would rather grab my coffee then take a small detour to the views that are never far from the concrete and tar roadways.

One innocent recent drive from the Saddleworth hills up to Northumberland became a treat. Blue skies and frosty. The sights became a great distraction to the mundane.

A cold dawn over Saddleworth…

Rochdale over yonder

A leg stretch with The Angel of the North

 Entering Northumberland Coquet Valley

A frosty Northumberland morning…

Sunset in the Coquet Valley

Happy and safe driving wherever you go! Enjoy 😀