A Frosty Drive Up North…


Moving house to over 3 hours away means I’m on the road a darn lot at the moment back and forth. That doesn’t mean I still can’t enjoy the scenes around me en route :)

One great thing about a drive up through the north of England is that you are never far from hills and rolling greenery. I hate to get a leg stretch by pulling over into the expensive motorway stations. I must admit I would rather grab my coffee then take a small detour to the views that are never far from the concrete and tar roadways.

One innocent recent drive from the Saddleworth hills up to Northumberland became a treat. Blue skies and frosty. The sights became a great distraction to the mundane.

A cold dawn over Saddleworth…

Rochdale over yonder

A leg stretch with The Angel of the North

 Entering Northumberland Coquet Valley

A frosty Northumberland morning…

Sunset in the Coquet Valley

Happy and safe driving wherever you go! Enjoy 😀


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  1. This is making me a little homesick – having moved to China a couple of years ago I’ve not seen a crisp and fresh frosty morning for some time.

  2. The past two posts show that one persons local is another’s exotic. Stephano has wonderful images from his local, which to me look and sound exotic. What appears to be mundane travel between an old place and new can also be beautiful if we take the time to look! The problem can sometimes be on the odd beautiful stretch of motor way you can’t just stop and take a photo! I was travelling along the M6 from Shap to Carlisle in November when the soft winter light picked out the grey mist and frost as the sun rose and found myself driving more and more slowly. The temptation to stop and pull out my camera was had to resist.

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