Beautiful Britain – Sheep In The Scenes


Near Llyn Gwynant, North Wales

As I wander, climb and trek around Britain, in the hills, mountains and valleys I can look back and realise even I take things for granted. As I look back through a year’s photos on my computer and phone I see that many a time there was living company when all thoughts where my own. The photos are scattered with livestock – bulls, cows and lots of…. sheep. All weathers, all terrains there they are, living, seeing and breathing some of the most wonderful scenery our land has to offer. Certainly not camera shy thats for sure 😀

Yorkshire Dales

Peak District

Castle Ewen, Fairy Glen, Isle of Skye

Crinkle Crags, English lake District

Great Langdale – English Lake District

Looking out from Pillar, English Lake District

Quiraing, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Borrowdale, English Lake District


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  1. I also love sheep,surprise surprise. For me they always represent peace and tranquility however whilst most of these super images do suggest this the Great Langdale shot I feel suggests contemplation which is why its my own favorite. Love the focusing also. Thanks for sharing :)

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