Northumberland – Cragside, Walking In History

Northumberland – Cragside, Walking In History

On my previous post I told of a journey to the hills beside Rothbury, Northumberland. Stepping out of town the other way brings you to one of the most unique historical house and gardens, Cragside.

In the 1800s the inventor, industrialist and landscaper Lord Armstrong built himself a most gorgeous place here, but that was not all. To see what he accomplished both in and around the house is a day out of adventure for the whole family. It is not JUST the first house powered by hydroelectricity. He has left the area one of the most beautiful little corners in the country and to explore it is a must.

Even as you enter the grounds you get a sense of wonder. I was lucky enough to be there when all the trees had their autumn colours on show.

IMG 2154 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

The inside of the house is kept ‘as was’ and the signs of a big inventor are everywhere. Geektastic for history lovers, or history for gadget lovers alike. However, right outside the house is even more for the eyes. For here he made one of the largest rock gardens in Europe! Within it is the sign of industrialism with a splendid iron bridge (one of the oldest in UK) that crosses over to a large, still producing orchard.

IMG 2157 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

IMG 2158 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

cragsidegarden Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

The garden doesn’t stop there at the rocks, for the whole estate itself is full of wonder. In fact nearly 40 miles of paths with wonder. Lord Armstrong planted over 7 million trees and shrubs. All the way up the crag side behind and beyond the house there is adventure. Paths leading in all enticing directions. Or, on the way round you can seek the labyrinth, trim trail, some wildlife or a spot that allows you to look out over the gorgeous Northumberland countryside.

IMG 21621 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

IMG 2165 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

At the top above the treeline comes more of Lord armstrong’s genius. For there for you to see and enjoy are the lakes he built. Not just for pleasure but to enable the house to be the first in the world to be powered by hydroelectricity.

IMG 21711 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

IMG 21761 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

I was lucky to be strolling back down on one of the paths and stood within the trees mesmerised by the sunset over Simonside across the valley.

cragside sunset1 Northumberland   Cragside, Walking In History

Then it wasn’t far back at all to the roasting fire and comfort of Linhope House. Perfect!

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3 Responses to "Northumberland – Cragside, Walking In History"

  1. Danny  November 16, 2011 at 19:45

    Lord Armstrong was a bit of a legend in these parts also being responsible fro creating Jesmond Dene as a private garden then donating it to the City of Newcastle for the geordies to enjoy. Made his money from tanks as I remember though!

  2. Bryan  November 4, 2011 at 08:32

    you've captured the area beautifully. i'm looking forward to going through the rest of you blogs : )

  3. Terri  November 4, 2011 at 03:56

    Wow! Love, love, love the last photo!!!! It looks like somewhere that would be described in a fairy tale!


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